PSVita: Sneak peek of Total Noob’s New Menu for TN-X

A few month ago the PSVita scene had I big leak and in that leak there was a PS1 exploit. Which gave us sound for all your PS1 game backups and at the time of the leak, Total Noob was working on a new menu for the PS1 exploit. Which would give it support for plugins and some homebrew. Now the leaked version of the ps1 exploit had just a simple black menu and the new menu was still being tested and was not part of the big leak. Seen here in the picture belowwpid-20140517_122858

An since the leak of the ps1 exploit the Menu called TN-X, has been put on the back burner and a lot of you have been asking if the new menu will ever get release. Luckily Total Noob is back at it with a new menu for TN-X and it will also works on the PlayStation TV, Unlike the leaked version.

TN-X PS1 loader works for the PSVita/Vita TV/Playstation TV and its an enhanced version of the leaked PS1 Loader.

wpid-20140516_155836-300x225New Features:
-New menu with cover arts and a nice rumbling effect
-Fullscreen Mode
-Back to menu from in-game
-Button Remapping
-CDDA enabled for games that need
-Screenshots enabled for every game (Not shown in the video) -2 Player on PSTV (Not shown in the video)

So here’s a quick video of TN-X on the PSTV with FW3.20 and this also works on PSVita FW3.18. You can read more about the PS1 Exploit on 3.35 here.. the PS1 Bubble.

All credits to Total-Noob.


Any question you leave them here in the comments below or ask me @ReRepRep or @HackInformer via twitter..

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  1. Will this ever release as a bubble? Or do we have to use XS Moto every time? Will it support different pops versions also?

  2. cool… good job!! really nice 🙂 i’m playing a lot of ps1 game in my vita
    i can’t wait 🙂 thank you Total-noob you rock 🙂