PSVita: 173210 announces a new JP exploit game

xxxccxxToday, 173210 announced a new “JP” kernel exploit game working up to FW 3.36. The game is Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend. According to 173210, “it can load qwikrazor87’s kxploit and Ark.” Although the exploit game is rather expensive this time (4,834 JPY – about 41 USD), it’s a second chance for those who didn’t manage to buy Patapon 2, and it’s a really good game.

Credits also goes to @karehaani (aka kuin00, Patchouli):

So far, only a binary loader has been released.

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  1. Pulled out also from eu/us. So it actually makes sense to switch to japan market region?

  2. Wonder if the DEMO is exploitable……

    Mind you, need somebody to release publicly how to use the PKG installer on FW3.36 though……

  3. Ive downloaded the demo from the european PSN store.. I hope it works.

    • Demo? You mean a demo of the PS Vita game?
      We’re talking about a PSP game, which was released only in Japan.

  4. Can anyone please confirm if this works or not?

    Anyone have a guide or a link to how it works?

    • It’s 173210’s work, I’m 100% sure it works.
      No, give it time, we will post more info once we have it.

  5. If I backup my european account and then switch to a japanese account and buy the game with the exploit, Will it be possible to have the exploit and switch back to the european account and have my games back?

    • You won’t be able to use games/demos downloaded with the japanese account if you use the european one

      • Well I guess then this exploit is basically useless, since the majority of “us” are probably using the European and American PS Store.

        Even if I bought the game and bought another card, running through the entire process in Japanese language settings is pretty much impossible, for someone who has never done it before 😛
        I guess we’ll patiently have to wait for another game (in english) with exploit.

  6. HI, i habe a question: can i use proyect diva F demo? because i cant find proyect diva extend in store….