PSVita: qwikrazor releases Papaton2 VHBL installer version 3 & 3.1

Qwikrazor has just released Patapon VHBL installer version 3. Which should fix some errors others where having.gg_vY1gTZ_VHBL-psvita

If are still getting a red screen when Papaton 2 loads the games and not a green one, you can always check the log to see what happen by transferring the game save back to the pc via cma or try using a different base game for your VHBL Launch bubble.. Like UNO or Numblast also make sure every is in capitals. (EBOOT)

If you still are have a hard time make sure to checkout our guide here.


doesn’t fix current issues, but logs content from ms0:/PSP and ms0:/PSP/GAME

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  1. check if folder exists:
    not found.
    Error renaming:
    sceIoRename returned: 0x80010002

    attempting to list contents from ms0:/PSP


    attempting to list contents from ms0:/PSP/GAME


    • have you try version 3.1 ? of the VHBL installer for papaton 2 & also you may have that qsp bug. The only way to get rid of that is format your memory stick and start fresh. That should clear up those issues.

  2. Hello, I have a problem with VHBL I think when I start out green screen patapon restore the system and when I want to use the VHBL hard but get a black screen and then leaves the VHBL but tells me no errors

    • did you restart in safe mode and rebuild the data base. Also try a different base. worst case you may have to format the memory stick and start all over again. Cuz that QSP bug can be the root of the problem and make sure it’s everything is in capitals..

  3. is Papaton2 still on the us market