PlayStation TV Review: The Pros & The Cons


The PlayStation TV came out this week. So I had plenty of time to play with it and test different games. So let’s start off with the pros then I will move on to the cons of the system.


When I first picked up the (vita TV) PlayStation TV, I was surprised how small it really is. Which makes for great for portability if you travel a lot and you want to play your PS4 on the big screen or if you are just going to a friend’s house to play and don’t feel like lugging around your Playstation 4. How do the psvita games play on the big screen? Well I was very surprised; the graphics are just beautiful for such a small system and game play is very smooth.


Next it’s nice that you have the option to use either the ds3 or ds4 controller with the PSTV.


You will also be able to use PlayStation now, so you can stream your favorite Playstations games on the big screen. That’s about it when it comes to the pro’s of the system.


There are so many con’s to the PSTV it’s ridiculous. For example Remote play on the PSTV is very laggy even through the LAN cable. There are plenty of complaints out there on other websites forums about remote play and how laggy it is, you can see here at Neogaf. If you are going to play ps1 games on the PS TV, they can not use the full screen of the TV as that setting has been left out of the PSTV. The worst part is the games, a lot of them still don’t work with the PS TV (just like when it was called the Vita TV) don’t get me wrong it’s great that they’re patching a few of games to make them work on the PlayStation TV. Like Killzone but that’s not enough.


There are still some many games that are not compatible and some do not even use any of the touch features of the PSVita. In my opinion, there are so many games that could work on the PS TV with just a small patch. Now for the real big shocker, Netflix does not even work with the PS TV and they do not have any plans in the future to make it work. It’s ridiculous that Netflix doesn’t work on the it, when they are marketing the PS TV as a streaming box.

You’ll also be able to use PlayStation now with the PS TV but with those ridiculous prices to rent games. You are better off, going out and buying a cheap ps3 off of Craigslist, EBay or even a yard sale. Plus you can pick up a lot of used ps3 games cheaper then would it cost you to rent them on PlayStation now.

At best, the PlayStation TV is just a companion device to the psvita and not a good one at that.

My finally word’s

If you are going to buy a pstv I would think about how you are going to use it first. If you are going to use it just as an emulation station, I would recommend buying a raspberry pi for $35 dollars and you will be able to do so much more with it then the pstv as seen here with are guide to the rerto pi. If you just want to play psvita games on the big screen I would first check the list of compatible games here (Games that work for the playstation TV) or just spend the money on a Modded psvita with TV out here at 3dsvideocapture

As always I invite you to leave comments below and tell us what you think of the PSTV..

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  1. Andrew House stated this device would take a “different road to market” in the west, Looks like the same half assed feature set as Vita TV to me.

    Looks like the only work they did in the intervening eleven months was change the dye colour hopper of the mould casing machine.

    I hope the hacking community can redeem this device otherwise looks like I will going to Google Nexus Player.