How to use Open Cma or Qcma on the Playstation TV with FW 3.20


I been getting asked alot on how you can use opencma or qcma on the PS TV FW 3.20 without it asking you to update. It’s really easy to bypass the psvita update to 3.30 on the PlayStation TV. What you are going to do is use vita update blocker, just like you did to activate the system. (you can download Vitablocker here)wpid-20141015_095515.jpg

First, you are going to need vita update blocker if you don’t already have it. (you can download it here)


Next, you are going to go into the settings on the PSTV and setup the proxy.



Then once that is done, you are going to go open up cma on the PSTV and you will see the PC listed that you want to connect too. Next, it will ask you to register the PC. It will display the registration code on the PC all you have to do is enter that number into the PS TV and that’s it you are done. Now you should be able to transfer games, app, and more to your PSTV without it asking you to update.


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  1. This is only temporary you have to proxy trick every time you want to connect to Opencma it is mandatory or you will see update screen. I know since i purposely turned off vita tv and psvitaupdateblocker then powered on tried the registered pc with just my connection not proxy it told me to update. ={

    • hackinformer

      Yes you have to use Vita update blocker every time you want to communicate to the PC or the ps3 but that a small cost to pay. When you can enjoy so many more games Cuz of tnv..

      • Hi yeah i got messed over i had gladiator begins but something happened where it said i need to update to play then the proxy is not working i accidentally restored the vita tv with it activated so i lost everything i really hate PSN.

  2. Pls how do I get the exploite game for psvit TN-4V?

  3. I’m from nigeria I was able to create a USA psn account but I don’t know how to get the exploite game for TN-4V pls I really need your help.

  4. Hi I have a PS TV, how can I activate it as of now? Thank you.

    • hackinformer

      you will need a ps3 to get it working.

      • I have a PS3 4.46 Rebug that can access PSN, will that work?

        • hackinformer

          Yes that will work..Setup your PSN account with the same info on your PS3 account.

        • Hello well I tried the things mentioned but they seem to all be geared torwards the Psvita. Even after adding my PSN account same as my PS3, still nothing. Did I miss something?

          • hackinformer

            Activating and Linking a PS Vita (PS3 Required)

            This is a highly unknown trick and can save you a lot of trouble and stress. This trick is especially useful if you happen to reset your Vita or buy a new one. If you need to just activate, follow and skip to part 2 (however if that doesnt work for some reason try redoing it but by following both parts.)

            Part 1 (Linking your PSN account)
            Power off your Vita completely
            Push and hold the PS Logo Button + the R shoulder Button + the Power Button (make sure that the DS3 or ds4 is plugged in the usb slot when going to safe mode). Hold them for a few seconds, till the screen goes on and the recovery menu appears.
            Select option 4. Restore the PS Vita System.
            Wait till the Vita boots up again and follow the instructions till it asks you if you would like to link you’re Vita with you’re PSN Account. Do this now because it’s the only way to avoid the update.
            Part 2 (Activating your PSvita)
            1. To activate you simply need to download any game that you’ve bought previously (or get a new one) with the PSN account thats tied to your PSVita, PStv or Vita TV on the PS3 with the method above..

            2. Transfer said game over to your Playstation Vita and install it. Launching the game will then activate your Vita with your account.

          • Ok, I think the problem is my PS3. There’s an update available as of today, so i will update and give it another try. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!

          • Thank you it worked!

  5. Also is there a way to access PSN on vita 3.18? Thanks.

  6. Help, I’ve transferred and copy the exploit game onto my PS-TV and now I’m trying to use Qcma to copy the exploit save from my PC to the PS-TV, but the PS-TV is asking me to update the system update on my PS-TV when it tries to connect to my PC. Did I miss a step?

    I have the vitaupdateblocker turned on too. But the PS-TV is still asking me to update.

    • hackinformer

      make sure you hard reset the PSTV and unplug it then plug it back in. because the pup files stuck inside there it just needs to be hard reset. just like the handheld PSVitas.

      • Hi Hackinformer,
        Thanks for replying back.

        Okay, it’s still giving me the same error. Here’s what I’ve been doing.

        #1. On the PSTV, I went to the POWER tab on the PSTV’s main menu and selected (or the PS button on the controller) and turned the PSTV off. Then I’ve unplugged it and turned the PSTV back on.

        #2. I’ve turned on the vitaupdateblocker v1.2 and it detects my computer’s IP address and port.

        #3. Then I connect my computer’s ethernet cable into my router and on one of my ethernet ports I plug in a ethernet cable from my PSTV to my router so that computer connects to my PSTV through the router port.

        #4. I turn on Qcma and select the folder where the exploit save is.

        #5. I turn on and test my internet connection and then my Vita Update blocker displays my PSTV’s real version and tells me I can disable proxy setting now.

        #6. While leaving both both programs on — vita update blocker and Qmca on. I go to the content manager tab located on my PSTV and try to connect to my PC. And then is when I get the warning popup that I need to update my system software. 🙁

        Let me know, if I’m missing something or if I’m doing something wrong. Thanks in advance.

        • hackinformer

          Did you set up the proxy on the pstv in settings, in network where you can turn the wifi on and off?

          • @hackinformer,

            Yes, I did. That was part of step #5, sorry.
            So, in step #5, when I went to set up my proxy setting for internet connection. I ran the internet connection status and my vitaupdateblocker, displayed some more information saying what was my Vita’s real version was and what it was the most current version available and then at the bottom of the message was, vitaupdateblocker then tell me, “disable proxy setting now.”

            And then I exit my network setting and started step #6, leaving both my Qmca and vitaupdateblocker on. But I didn’t disable my proxy setting as the vitaupdateblocker said.

            I read somewhere I might need to download and install the Official Sony CMA. I currently haven’t installed Sony’s Official CMA, because I thought the Qcma would be enough.


          • hackinformer

            well leaving the proxy settings on won’t cause an issue in the vita. Next I have both CMA and QCMA installed and it works fine with either one. just for s**** and giggles why don’t you try using the wifi connection on the PSTV. in this short Instagram clips here you’ll see that I have the proxy settings turned on and everything comes out fine.. from what you explained everything seems to be set up properly.. there’s actually no difference in this method because it’s the PlayStation TV it worked on the PS Vita as well.. hmmm. maybe I should do a quick YouTube for s**** and giggles..

          • Hi hackinformer,

            OKay, I’ve tried out your WI-FI suggestion and my PSTV also asks me to update my system software.

            But I still haven’t installed the Sony Official CMA program though. It sounds like I didn’t need it installed in my PC as long as I have Qcma? Yea.. I ran both the Vitaupdateblocker and Qcma when I WIFI connected my PSTV to my PC or when I click on go to my PSTV Content Manager tab, the system software popup comes up then too for me. Once when I go to Content Manager and 2nd when I click on connect to PC. I just keep clicking when the popup comes up.

  7. Okay, I’ve finally gotten my PSTV to connect to my PC. Turns out the issue was, the default setting in my Qmca was set to CMA Protocol version:

    FW. 3.30

    So, what I did was in the tab on the Advance Setting in Qmca, I switch the CMA Protocol version: to FW 3.10 – 180010
    and the Custom version: 1900010

    So, my issue now is that when I use my PSTV’s CMA to transfer the backup save file, it doesn’t see it the PSP/Saved Data folder. 🙁

    On my Qcma, I’ve selected the save folder where the exploit is. But my PSTV CMA can’t find it.

    • hackinformer

      Qcma and cma keep the files in different directories make sure they are setup to the right directories in both QCMA and CMA.. I notice CMA likes to go into user/ documents folder. where CNM likes to be installed into user= (your name or pc name)

      • @hackinformer,

        Thank you for all your help. I’ve finally was able to setup EVERYTHING and now I have my PS-TV up and running all my PSP needs. Thank you again for all your assistance and guidance. I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Now I actually have another question regarding transfering/copying PSP DLC from PC to PS-TV?

    I’ve finally gotten my PS-TV set up with TN-V10 and I’ve gotten all my old PSP save files loaded on my PS-TV from my PSP/PC. But I was wondering can I transfer over the DLCs?

    If so, can anyone give me a water/dumb-down step by step instructions on how to do it? Thanks in advance for looking and for your assistance.

  9. Is VitaBlocker no longer working? Was really hoping to get TN-V on my PS TV…

  10. Doubt this will be seen now but why can’t I get QCMA to register with my PSTV? OpenCMA and the normal one work just fine. Is it because I only have wifi access and not access to a LAN connection? I know this is why I can’t use it to install PKG’s so I haven’t used it for that yet.