Vita Hacked to Run homebrew & emulators from livearea!


Well it finally happen,  is able to run homebrew and emulators right from the PSVita live area. So now you don’t have to run a psp exploit just to get access to your favorite retro games or app’s. Here is a little video showcasing a Proof of Concept of some homebrews running from LiveArea on FW 3.30 PSVita (No SaveGame Exploit used here) by 

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  1. This is awesome!!! I sincerely hope this is a precursor to wonderful things!! Only problem is we won’t see that for another year or so unless Sony patches it! LOL

  2. I wonder if PS1 eboot.pbp and PSP .isos are possible to run too. My gut says it is possible with fake np signing but, who knows?

  3. and the emulator for download?