Tutorial: How to use the PSVita ★PackageInstaller

This simple Tutorial will guide you through the steps of Installing DRM-Free Demos and Apps to YOUR personal PS Vita.
For that you should already got the ★ Package Installer activated via this trick and your Vita charged. 😉
[Image: heLWJM.jpg]

Let’s start!

1) At first you should decide yourself what you want to install. For demonstration I will use the App Netflix here.
(You can find direct links for pkg files all around the web or here at hackinformer.)
[Image: 3i8xh3.png]

2) Now go and connect your Vita to the PC (don’t start CMA)

3) Since you will need a more advanced version of CMA which can handle Packages,
you need to go download and install the QCMA Project by Codestation for your OS.

4) After the installation the settings for QCMA will appear and you can change the folders to whatever you like.
[Image: GHeCkm.png]

5) Remember the folder for Packages and put in your .pkg file(s) there.
[Image: 94AdE0.png]

6) Now refresh the Database from the SystemTray-Icon or restart QCMA to register all new added files with the programm.
[Image: W4Sz91.png]

7) Now you can open up the PackageInstaller and select the first option which says Content Manager Assistant
[Image: l7dMIR.jpg]

8) And here the Netflix.pkg should appear and you can easily install it.
[Image: 4k1I0d.jpg]
[Image: uAUpka.jpg]
[Image: IrBaux.jpg]

9) Enjoy your new App
[Image: geV4M0.jpg]

If the Installer should anyhow give you an Error saying “failed” the .pkg you tried to install is either corrupted or not DRM free.

So go and have fun as long as this works!


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