Tutorial: How to sniff .pkg links with your PSVita

Just recently here the psvita package installer hack was released for retail vita. Well there isn’t much you can do with it, if you don’t have any packages to install. Here is a guide by Freakler on are forums on how to download package right to the pc with the help of a psvita, psp, or ps3..

1) Download and install SKFU Pr0xy onto your PC


2) Open up the program and press Start to begin

3) On your Vita open up the Settings App and go to the Advanced Wifi Settings of your Network.

4) Find the Proxy Server Option and set it to “Use”. Now typ in your local IP (You can find it in the bottom left hand corner under “Pr0xy IP”) and “8080” for the port. Just like this..


5) Confirm the changes made and after the connection is re-established the Pr0xy-Log Window should from now on display all the traffic between your Vita and the Internet.

6) Now open up your PSN Store and download any game from your downloadlist. I will use Tomb Raider for PS1 here.


7) Back on the PC the easiest way to find your link is to press “CTRL + F” and search for “.pkg”, I guess.

8) And here is the Request-link send from your Vita to Sony’s servers for the package.


That’s basically it!

Of course this Pr0xy methode can be used for PSP / PS3 / PS4 / whatever ,too and here is a link to some package file ready to go PKG files

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