FAQ about the PS1 Loader/TN-X on the PSVita


Let’s get right to it. How does the ps1 loader(TN-X) for the PSVita work with the leaked files, I’ve been getting ask.

Well right now you’re going to have to use TN-V in conjunction with PS1 loader/TN-X. What I mean by that is, it’s the only way for you to get PS1 games into TN-X, at the moment ;)..


Now I been hearing this a lot “how do I get back to the menu and how come my PS1 ISO aren’t working”..


First off you’re playing with the beginning of PS1 loader/TN-X and the leaked version cannot do that yet. While the official version of TN-X has many features I will say. Next all Playstation one games must be converted to eboot files or you can just go over to the emuparadise.com where they have a bunch of ps1 games already converted, for your pleasure. 

Now if you want to try and change your own Ps1 games yourself here is how..

PSX eBoot Creator Tool

PSX ISO to eBoot

PSX eBoot Creator was made by Impaler to simplify building of PSX eBoots from Playstation 1 games / PSX isos.  PSX eBoot Creator lets the users create a single or multi-disk PSXpsp eBoot, based on how many PS1 disks / isos are selected. At this time only ISO disk format is supported but there are many disk converters for download to convert BIN/IMG files to ISO.

eBoot to PS1 ISO

Another great feature of the PSX eBoot Creator is that it also allows users to select an eBoot and convert it to an ISO so that user can play it on a PC Playstation 1 emulator or burn to a CD.

Users Guide

1.  Select an PSX eBoot / PS1 ISO
selection screen lets the user to select an PSX ISO or PS1 eBoot. If an eBoot is selected, the user will be asked for a new name and the eBoot will be converted back into an ISO file. 

PSX eBoot Creator

2.  Enter an Game Title / Codes
user must enter a Game Title – this will be used as the name of the folder that is created for the eboot.  After entering the Title click search and a list of matches will appear.  ONLY SELECT ONE code.  If more than one title is selected an error is shown.

3.  Select specialized boot images
user can select a different images (png) for the menu.  The best website that i have found is PopStation ImagePacks.  After the images are downloaded, just select them.

4.  Create the eBoot
click the create button, once – a folder will be created in the results folder named like the Game Title you selected (2) . Transfer this folder to PSP memory stick and place it in to /GAMES/

Impaler PSX.rar

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