[RELEASE] SKFU’s Vita PKG installer

Today, PSV/PS4 dev SKFU released his method of installing packages on the PS Vita. Basically you can download and install demos and other DRM free stuff from other regions like Netflix, Crunchy Roll, E Reader, ect. on your Vita simply by using an email link to launch the pkg installer.


Instructions from SKFU’s blog:

” PS VITA Method:

On PlayStation VITA there are many ways to achieve our goal, so it’s not important right now if one is public. I will show you the most simple one. Probably you have noticed the leak of information regarding a hidden PKG installer a few months ago – this was achieved by using this technique.

Simply as it is, the only thing you have to do is setup the E-Mail client application on your PlayStation VITA and write yourself an HTML E-Mail with the following content to receive the E-Mail on your PSV.


Open your E-Mail app and click the link and the PKG installer will start. You may want to replace the titleid parameter with any of your choice. I have a small list of tested TitleID’s for PSV right here, feel free to add or modify information.”



Very cool stuff. He also talks about the TitleID’s and their importance in Vita/PS4 hacking. And how you can join in on the hunt. This is basically a must read for anyone in the scene.

Thanks SKFU and keep up the good work!

For simplicity here’s a small webform which will unlock the PKG Installer for your PS VITA: http://www.zload.net/pkg/ kindly hosted by The Zett. Just enter the E-Mail adress you use on your PSV and the script will send you the unlock E-Mail.

*******For those having trouble inserting html into an email just copy and paste this link OPEN PKG INSTALLER *********

Check out how to use the package installer here..


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Source: SKFU’s Blog

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  1. Can you please give me a link for package that i can install using this PKG installer. im looking for PKGs and all i find dont work. please please please give me a link 🙁

  2. does this still work?

  3. Does anyone have a PKG for Crackle for Vita?
    I know its free but its not available in Australia.

  4. it doesn’t work! all i reveive is a text “OPEN PKG INSTALLER” no link can be click BTW my fw is 3.01 .

  5. Can someone please send me the link to manny4ndbrenda@gmail.com

  6. I couldn’t get the website to work! And when I copy and paste the open PKG INSTALLER link, it says website not available

  7. Work on firmware 2.12 ? regards ands thx

  8. Anyone else getting “Could not find the application” message when trying to access pkg installer ? Eu Ps Vita 3.01 101 megamix Tn-v10

  9. Waiting for tutorial metod ps4

  10. Hello, I’m trying to get my Spyro download to work the vita. Downloaded the pkg file from psn on my pc (I own it). The issue I’m running into is that each time I try to run the copied OPEN PKG INSTALLER” link, it gives the message: “This operation is currently unavailable.” Does it no longer work? Or am I doing something wrong?

  11. He said there are many ways of acheveing our goal.
    and the one he said doesnt work on FW 3.30+ Even With An App Like Party
    but he said there are many ways. like what whats another way?

    could useing another way mean that opening the pkg isntaller on 3.30 is possible? or any other hidden apps that are found caz it looks to me that
    they just blocked opening titleids from email..

    ON E-MAIL simoulnick@gmail.com

  13. It’s not working I need help!

  14. Plzz help me im click on pkg installer on ps vita email and he says this operation is temporarily unavailable

  15. doesnt wor i assume on 3.36, i have a vita on 3.18 and another on 3.50, i saw zett use 3.50 n this pkg so was it just patched for 3.36

    • hackinformer

      No as there’s a different way of opening it up on new firmware, but in his video do you actually see him use it. Because you can still open it but nothing works, so they patch the old trick. The package installer is quite useless as almost every demo and game have DRM, so you won’t be able to install them or use it.