How to use the Package installer & The New Kexploit for 3.18 FW


Today the psvita scene has exploded due to a lot of big news about our beloved console.

First SKFU has revealed the possibility to rehabilitate the package installer that is hidden within the psvita.




This permits you to install pkg from other countries like demo’s and app’s and some you can’t because of DRM.



This will NOT allow you to install pirated games on your vita! Me and all the Hackinformer’s staff don’t encourage piracy!

First you will need Qmca (it’s just Like opencma but better) to Install the package’s in to the psvita.

Download links – Windows
Windows (XP – Vista – 7 – 8): here
Note: the installer will install a driver that is required for Qcma. Make sure that your Vita is connected to the PC via usb when installing the driver and the Sony CMA app is closed. You can uninstall the drivers/qcma via Add/remove programs if you want to go back to use the official CMA app.

Download links – OS X
64bit OS X (compiled under OS X 10.8.5): here

Next you need to find the Url for the download files can look on Google or you can sniff for them yourself with chalres proxy but are own member Dessel575 open up a thread here on our forum’s to help everyone get those links so check it out here and please help post any of your finding’s

Here is a list of Demo’s and apps you can download.. PKG files 


Then put the Package’s in the PSV packages folder on the pc. Next Fire up the Package installer and go to content manger on the psvita and enjoy the fun.


The second big news of the day is the flash release of @qwikrazor87 kexploit mode for 3.18 fw.


The game is Gladiators Begins and aparently is available only in US for 7,99$

Grab it before Sony pull it from the store.

I suggest you to Download and INSTALL on your devices Now and Make Backup’s of it too.


At the moment Qwikrazor87 has announced that he has a little problem with the files to trigger the exploit but has just release them on his twitter acount here.


Stay tuned and follow me on twitter @666darkamon666 for futher update




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  1. Could someone help on QCMA…
    I always get a “Could not connect to the PC” error…
    What should I do..?

  2. i can’t use qcma, “An error has occurred. (C3-14978-9)”

  3. can i get help? i installed qcma, uninstalled cma, i put the files in the correct folder but when i run the package installer the demos dont appear.

  4. How to register my vita in qcma?

  5. Thank u so much guys…..

    I hope if you can find solution to have multiple users on one memory :(…..
    [Best feature that PS3 has]

    Can we access f2p psVita games ?

    Plus, here is a torrent link from an asian website

    It includes demos , but pls be careful, I don’t know if the folder is safe or not…

  6. Is it possible to install a dlc from my other account “JP” to my current account of my PS Vita “US”?

  7. help,i accidentally update my CMA,now its on ver 3.30,but my vita is still 3.18,can anyone help?……i need to transfer the exploit…………………. T_T

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