VHBL for Zettai Hero Project / US Region for PSVita Firmware 3.18


 On August 8th, Z.H.P ( Zettai Hero Project) exploit for the PSVita firmware 3.18 was revealed. Now Z.HP was a simpler exploit with no function, it only could run the message “Hello World”. It seemed useless at the time.

Here is a quote from me before the exploit was revealed 🙂

So does this mean it’s not a good exploit to pick up?  I say grab it because you never know it could get fixed, like many other exploits have in the past. Plus most exploit can trigger a kernel exploit, its just how stable is it going to be if anyone remembers king of pool. What a headache that exploit was in the beginning.  With that all said and done, I would pick it up and hang on to it. Because you never know it could be the one.

 So if you are one of the luck people that pick up this exploit hoping for it to get fixed it has finally happen for the US region. 173210 was successful in getting VHBL to work on Zettai Hero Project exploit but only for the Japan region, for the time being. Now thanks to sangngyn and 173210, they are happy to bring you VHBL on Z.H.P ( Zettai Hero Project) for Psvita Frimeware 3.18 for the US region. It is still a work in progress but a step in the right direction as you can see the VHBL menu running in the picture below So test it out and is how it goes.

Z.H.P VHBL US region only : Download

Update new working file.vhbl_zhp_us_vita_318_r284.zip



Source: twitter

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  1. thIs Is actually a jp fIle not usa

  2. Thanks for the info and link


  4. Thank u for the file but I can’t get it to work please release a working vhbl for zhp PLEASE