TN-V 9.7 adds more support for PS1 pops plugin..


 Total_Noob has just released TN-V9.7 for lower firmware. Which fixes some issues with PEOPS SPU plugin. The PS1 games I have tested on TN-V9.7 all work and you may see some improvements . I would try to mess with the SPU thread priority’ options to see if your favorite PS1 game will get any better results. You can check out are PS1 compatible list of games. Download the newest revision directly on your PS Vita via the ‘System Update’ option on the XMB in TN-V or grab the files here: and thanks to  for putting together the super TN-V 9.7 game exploit pack you can download here: TN-V superpack

Check the Hackinformer/Forums for Ps1 game support

Changelog TN-V9.7:

– Added CDDA support for PEOPS SPU plugin -> enhanced PS1

– Added in-XMB recovery menu.

– Fixed freeze in many PSP games.

Donation to Total Noob can be done here: … id=8158859

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