Raspberry Pi B+ Breakdown.


Earlier today Raspberry pi announce their new model the “Raspberry Pi B+”. They have improved, the shortcomings of the Raspberry Pi b model. It has 4 USB ports, so you’ll be able to have a keyboard, mouse and wifi dongle plugged in without needing a powered hub. It also has better hot-plugging capabilities, so you can plug almost any devices in without shutting down your Pi first.

It’s a better design aesthetics, with the USB and Ethernet ports now line up. The rest of the sockets are all on one side. Allowing you to improve your cable management, plus the Pi now has rounded corners! The composite video port has been combined with the audio output.


There are more GPIO pins available thanks to the new 40-pin GPIO header. It now has 4 mounting holes, located in a rectangular pattern, thus allowing more convenient mounting of the Pi. On the back, the B+ uses a metal micro SD card slot with a push-push action meaning far less risk of damaging the SD card slot and reducing the footprint of the Pi. The labeling on the circuit board is much clearer too.


The B+ has lower power requirements, it will use between 0.5 watts and 1 watt less than the model B. Thanks to a dedicated power rail, audio quality has improved. The CPU (BCM2835), GPU and memory remain the same, allowing you to benefit from existing software and community expertise.

The Raspberry Pi B+ model is still at the same great, low price $35 dollars.

You can get them from element14.com or adafruit.com


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  1. You convinced me 2 buy one! i cancelled my pre-order for PS TV
    and will get this great device instead :p