Total_Noob Release TN-V 9.5 which fixes some issues with PS1 sound


 Total_Noob has just released TN-V9.5 for lower firmware. Which fixes some issue with PEOPS SPU plugin and now you can disable PEOPS too. The PS1 games I have tested on TN-V9 all work the same for TN-V9.5 so far. I would try to mess with the SPU thread priority’ options to see if your favorite PS1 game will get any other results. You can check out are PS1 compatible list of games here: Hackinformer/Forums  So you can download it directly on your PSVita via the ‘System Update’ option on the XMB in TN-V or grab the files here:

Changelog TN-V9.5:

  • – Added ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ technology.
  • If your PS Vita crashes, this screen will appear and
  • you can restart TN-V by pressing START. The crash information
  • will be written to the savedata folder (exception.txt), so make
  • sure that you copy the savedata from PS Vita -> PC and report
  • this crash. With this enabled you don’t need to hard-reset your
  • PS Vita anymore.
  • – Added possibility to disable PEOPS SPU plugin.
  • – Added ‘SPU update mode’ and ‘SPU thread priority’ options.
  • Play with these options and maybe your PS1 game will run
  • more fluid.
  • – Fixed ‘white noise’ in some PS1 games -> enhanced PS1


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