Release: Vita 3.15 VHBL released (JP only)

Greetings hackfans! Vita 3.15 VHBL news!

For those of you on firmware 3.15 looking to get in on a little homebrew action for your Vita, has just released the name of the game to download from dev @173210. It is called MyStylist, and sorry kiddos it is only available in the Japanese PSN Store. Another bummer is that the game is NOT compatible with the VitaTV (yes, a PSP game that doesn’t work on the VitaTV) so VitaTV owners get the shaft again.


Keep in mind that VHBL isn’t an eCFW, rather a homebrew enabler, which lets you run emulators and other fun PSP homebrew stuff. This will NOT allow you to run ISO/CSO files, but if you are already on 3.15 why not enjoy some of the awesome PSP homebrew and emulators out there. 🙂

The VHBL files will be released at after the game is pulled from the JP PSN store. Happy Vita homebrewing!


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