Android Silver will be released on February 2015 (Rumor)


The Google Android Silver program, is begins to take shape more and more, day after day. It looks like some people are in possession of details that could help all of us make sense of this huge puzzle which depicts the change in the mobile landscape that Google will bring to light in the coming months.

During the evening yesterday, the usual @evleaks had tweeted the eloquent message:

“There is no Nexus 6. Goodbye, Nexus

Do not worry, there is a silver line to this cloud …”

With these messages, it had already left us imagine that Google would soon announced the Android Silver program, which is spoken for some months now. Apparently, @evleaks is able to give us information about the launch of this program by Google, which should take place towards the month of February 2015 (shortly before or shortly after).


This could mean that October-November there will be no presentation event (or launch) of any new device and no new program about Google and Android, everything would be postponed to next year.
At this point we also tend to think that the initials “Nexus 6” and “Nexus 8” leaked on the net a few days ago are only code names of new devices or names that are not tied to new smartphone or tablet.

The only event Google should take during the year, would be just the Google I / O 2014. So by the end of the year we may not see a launch of the new Nexus (subject to last minute changes). At this point they could be already to revealed some of Google’s plans for up coming months, which will be critical to their strategy that they intend to adopt in Mountain View.

Personally I would be very disappointed by the end of the program, Nexus has always been a reference point for companies and users. However, this maybe only way for Google to regain control over the platform.

For more information on Android Silver, you can go to this link.

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