Within: A competitive Fighting Game/TCG hybrid on kickstarter


I found this kickstart by DESTINY bit a game developement studio based in Ravenna, Italy. They are a passionate group of independent professionals, talented newcomers and experienced individuals from all over the world, carefully put together to create the best products possible. They have just opened up a fundraising campaign for Within, A competitive fighting game for mobile devices which blends deep fighting game mechanics with trading card games. With this project, the developers intend to build a good product pointing to 60fps for optimal response of the controls, mixing the gameplay typical beat ’em up with collectible card games.


The full game aims to have eight playable characters, support for third-party controllers and the multiplayer both locally and online, all based on the proven Unreal Engine.

The goal on Kickstarter is to reach $ 28,000 dollars by the end of the month.

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