PS4 1.70FW Update & The ShareFactory


The day has come , tons new features are here and I’m going to give you a run down of some of the more prominent ones. There are all sorts of behind the scenes features and options that are now present in the new firmware. Some of these being the ability to dim the light bar on the dualshock4 , and now being able to stream in HD using the share feature. Theres tons more, but I think the Sony blog post gives you a good rundown on those so check the link at the bottom.


The more exciting feature is SHAREfactory

Bme3c5CCMAMzgX-.jpg large

As you can see its a free app download in the PlayStation Store

This is Sony’s video on how to use it

I decided to give it a whirl and gotta say it reminds me a lot of Sony’s previous editing tools on the PC. Your more basic features are there like clip editing , transitions , layouts. Its very smooth on the PS4 and didn’t take very long to put it all together and give you the final product.

Here is my first try

It came in at 720p and that video straight from the PS4 is 148mb which isn’t too bad and you could definitely do more to get it smaller using external compression tools. Either way I think it looks great and was actually fun making . So gotta say for a “game console” the PS4 is doing so much more.


Now how I got this video and that above screen shot from the PS4 was using the new ability to copy to a usb drive.

This comes with a new Capture Gallery



Once inside the gallery it lets you choose which game it came from and weather you want the video or the screenshot

20140430154854 20140430154920

Select … Copy … Done!

Gotta say a very welcomed feature for sure… no more compression from twitter or facebook.


Don’t want to forget about a new option that is available. Something that people were complaining about before launch since it disables the use of personal capture devices.

You can now disable HDCP



However this is still up to Sony how they want to let you use it

BmfOS09CIAAh1wM.jpg large

I speculate this is just to keep it from being used in a manner that could result in actual piracy but I’ll let you decide.


So as you can see there is tons of new stuff to play with on this new firmware for the PS4. I have enjoyed it thus far and I’m sure will only get better as time goes on. Who would of thought we could play a came , capture our gameplay and then make a nice looking video out of it all on the same machine from the comfort of your couch. I feel this is the true definition of Next Gen and its definitely here to stay….


Check it out for your own and let us know what you think in the comments below or

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source : Playstation Blog

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