Psvita: Analog Mod Extension


Hey guys it’s me again. I’m here today with a small mod, nothing to major hear. This requires no soldering, no tinkering with the internals whatsoever. This was a nice change of pace for me. Somethings to note before attempting.. This is just one of a few ways to do this mod I’m just showing you how I went through this. For those of you who are worried about the aesthetics of the original vita analog, there will be splotches of the super glue on it so if you do decide to remove it after some time do so very slowly. If you try and just rip the analog stick of the vita’s analog stick the vita’s inner analog cap will fly off and you will end up with this:


The mod takes about 5-10 minutes max. The tools you will need are as followed:

-soldering iron or small electric handheld sawblade
-an electric drill
-a 7/64” drill bit
-spare analog nubs from an old controller (for example old ps2 controller, gamecube controller, etc.)
-a star head screwdriver, size may vary which depends entirely on your controller’s size.
-super glue

Step 1: Disassembling the controller- So first thing is first, you will need to get that star screwdriver and remove the set amount of screws in the back of your controller. Remove the two halves of your controller carefully and remove the internals. You should be left with this once you are finished. Grab the two analog sticks and ziplock the rest of the parts.


Step 2: Shaping the analog sticks with soldering iron or handheld saw blade- Ok, now the process is generally the same regardless of which tool you use. It’s just that one tool will give you a MUCH cleaner finish than the other. The soldering iron will give the plastic a gooey, melted look at the base while the saw blade will leave it looking damn near perfect. Below I’ve provided a picture of how I went about using the soldering iron as I only have a soldering iron to demonstrate with. I held the top of the analog stick and stuck the soldering iron at a slanted angle and rotated the analog the base of the analog was separated. Once you’ve done this you will want to shave bottom of the analog stick till it’s fairly close to the nub above. Reason being you don’t want the nubs being so tall to the extent that they interrupt your game play. Take your time with this and don’t rush Repeat this step for the other stick.


My PS2 pelican bay analogs

Step 3: Prepping and installing the analogs-Now for the final steps of this mod. Here is where you wanna get your drill and attach your 7/64″ drill bit and drill a hole straight into the center of the analog. Reason for this is you want to have analog to have a strong base when you superglue it on top of the vita’s analogs. Get out that Krazy Glue and fill up the drilled hole and spread a small amount around the bottom. Once you’ve done that get out your vita and pop the nubs straight unto the vita’s analog stick. Try and get it as centered as possible.


Before drilling


After drilling





Previously after I shaved them, I had super glued them on top of my vita’s analog and one of the nubs fell off. That’s when I decided to drill the holes, fill them with the glue THEN attach them to the vita’s analogs. Worked much better and is much sturdier. Your end result should be like so. Give the glue about 10 minutes to dry and settle. Hope this motivates you guys to try little things here and there with your consoles. Thanks for the read! I’ll see ya next time.

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