COBRA ODE Browser demo and v1.6 preview


Following up on the previous announcement of the v1.5 firmware update with
the added support for the Cobra ODE Browser. They released a few day a
video showing how the Browser works. You can see the browser functioning
in both the Game category mode and the Video category mode.

This video was done using a beta version of the v1.6 firmware update they
are currently working on, and it also serves as a preview for the exciting
new features which will be added in the next firmware update, expected to
be released within a week, once it has passed all our QA validations.

Yes, your eyes did not play tricks on you, they are proud to announce that
the next firmware update of the Cobra ODE will bring support for game
switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore. The Cobra Team
has once again revolutionized the PS3 ODE scene with a new exclusive
method that will allow game switching on all PS3 models, without any
additional hardware, or additional soldering required. This feature will
be available for free for all Cobra ODE users with our next firmware

Unlike the poorly designed and rushed E3 ODE which, not only requires you
to solder resistors and capacitors on their device in order to install
their firmware update, boasts a “no reboot or eject” feature but actually
only ejects the disc on 2k5 and 3k models and requires the user to
manually re-insert the disc, our implementation is completely automated
and requires no intervention from the user.
Enjoy the new Cobra ODE Browser available from v1.5 upwards and keep an
eye out for the release announcement of v1.6.


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