Showtime booting on OFW 4.46 with Cobra ODE

MultiMAN up and running for the Cobra ODE users.  Senaxx recently received his Cobra ODE unit, and right away got to work on figuring how to get ‘homebrew’ running on it, and with the help of DeanK, and Senaxx as a beta-tester, they worked together over the last 2 days and have gotten both ShowTIME and multiMAN running fine now on Cobra ODE hardware, and the best thing is you can now use multiMAN as a replacement for the Cobra ODE manager, it will find all your GAME ISO’s and build a list of them, so even better!

About: multiMAN for Cobra ODE

multiMAN 4.46.01 BASE (for BD-R and ODE).iso (41MB)* Supports games from /dev_bdvd/COBRA folder (that is .iso files in /PS3_GAMES folder of your usb hdd)
* You can replace the original manager.iso with mM and have it as default ODE manager
* It uses PS3 Demo Disc game ID and installs on your PS3 as “Game Data”
PS3SceneFiles Download Links: multiMAN and ShowTIME < Cobra ODE versions!
Both apps were tested by users with Cobra ODE and confirmed working fine on OFW 4.46.

About: Showtime for multiMAN

Quote Originally Posted by deank
For those of you who still use the builds I compile:SHOWTIME (17.80MB)
Download: SHOWTIME 4.03.479.zipIncludes:

  • Showtime 04.03.479 [CEX].pkg
  • Showtime 04.03.479 [DEX].pkg
  • SHOWTIME.SELF (for multiMAN)

Showtime 04.03.479 [CEX].pkg (5.94MB)
Download: Showtime 04.03.479 [CEX].pkg
Both available for download in mM’s WEB column.

Also Showtime for ODE is available in ISO format:
About: Showtime for Cobra ODE

Quote Originally Posted by deank
Also Showtime for ODE is available in ISO format:Download: Showtime 04.03.479 (20130906).iso
and multiMAN for BD-R/ODE, too:
Download: multiMAN 4.46.01 BASE (for BD-R and ODE).iso (41MB)
Source: psx-scene

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