GamesCom 2013 and the PSvita.


During its big press conference at Gamescom. Sony revealed that the price of the PlayStation Vita will be dropping to just $199 (199€) and the memory card prices for the U.S. have been announced:

  • 4GB – $15
  • 8GB – $20
  • 16GB – $40
  • 32GB – $80

Though gamers are extremely excited for today’s PlayStation 4 news, Sony isn’t giving up on its mobile platform. The price drop takes effect starting tomorrow in the U.S. and Europe. Sony also announced that PS Vita memory card prices will also be dropping more. Though no specific price points were announced, Sony promised, “Significant reductions” in card prices. 

In addition to the price drop, Sony announced that 2K Games is bringing last year’s hit Borderlands 2 to the Vita. New indie titles for the device were also announced, including StarboundFez, and Velocity 2X. Those indie titles and more unannounced indies will also be coming to the PlayStation 4 this fall. The PlayStation 4 launch date was announced at the conference it is  November 15 for the U.S and  Nov. 29 in Europe


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