PS3 Cobra ODE: Installation Manuals

The Stock for Cobra ODE as shipped out recently, and most retailers have Cobra ODE now

Team Cobra has finally uploaded the Installation Manuals for their Cobra ODE product that was shipped out recently, and now reviewers can get to work installing it, and resellers can start selling.


The above picture of an Cobra ODE getting finalized in-place on a 4K Super-Slim model is taken from page 44 of this huge 46 page manual that is very well written and complete and it shows you how to install the Cobra ODE correctly in all the PlayStation 3 models from original PHAT models to the very latest 4K model.

Besides the Installation Manual, the User Manual is also now ready and uploaded, and here is the links from the Cobra Team:

Our download section have been updated with some instruction manuals.

Cobra ODE Installation Manual (English):

Cobra ODE User Manual (English):

More languages version will follow.

More languages version will follow.
MIRROR LINKS: Installation Manual /// User Manual

Now that Cobra ODE is finally available at many fine resellers, check out some of the Official Resellers that are listed below whom are the Official Cobra ODE Support Forum:

ModchipsDirect is a US based Cobra-ODE reseller and our official recommended reseller.

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They also ship to Canada/Mexico via 2 day DHL for only $19.99.
The UK, Germany, Italy, France via 3 day DHL $24.99.

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ModChipCentral has been in the scene since 2005.

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SHOP01Media is an Europe based Cobra-ODE reseller and one of the official recommended resellers.

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