Where are the real PSVita Hacks?

Well it doesn’t look like the PSvita, is going to have a fully hacked custom firmware anytime soon. So you can’t change the UI dashboard or run touch screen homebrew on it. Right now, all we have is old PSP exploits working in emulation mode and just a few kernel exploits working on the PSvita.There has only been a few kernel exploit released for EPSP on the PSvita, Thank all the Dev’s out there and wololo’s ninja releases. Now, there has been way more User mode exploits (VHBL) on the PSvita then kernel exploits, but in time things could change.

So what is a kernel exploit? A kernel exploit is where you have full access to the PSP hardware. Now using a kernel exploit in EPSP on the PSvita is great, but we are still sandboxed in by the limitation of the PSP. A User-mode exploits, on the PSvita are even more limited no wifi and some emulators don’t even work. There was a hack for the PSvita,called the UVloader. This loader is something different and can run a hello word on it but that is about it for now. Because, there is no SDK for it like the PSP, to test your homebrew. It will just sit on the back burner for now.

At the moment, we still have user mode exploit working on the PSvita even in firmware 2.12. This is really nice if you want to play homebrew and emulate old consoles. (NES, SNES, GEN, GBA, ETC…) .

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I think it’s because Sony doesn’t really see VHBL (Virtual Homebrew Loader) as a threat, like kernel exploits (which can run almost all your old PSP games). Now I have talked with others about user mode exploits on the PSvita and it does not seem too hard to find one these days. Most games I find to exploit, either can’t allocate enough memory nor get the menu running. It’s not just me other PSP-DEV has this same problem too.  I do have one working but can’t say. The other one is really something different. There are a few people out there that still have kernel exploit still working on the PSvita like Total Noob, Davee, etc… The last I know of their kexploit is still working in Firmware 2.05 and have not asked them what in going on with their work. You can see in the video davee is emulate the entire PSP kernel in the PS Vita.

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