So what is VHBL and what is VHBL used for?

So what is the VHBL?

A word from the man himself, WOLOLO:

“Vita Half-Byte Loader is a project to port the PSP homebrew loader HBL to thePlaystation Vita, through the PSP emulator on the Playstation Vita.”
So what is the VHBL used for?

The VHBL facilitates the use of Homebrew applications and console Emulators on the PSVita Console..NO ISO OR CSO

it is just a user mode exploit which it not a kernel mode like Some of the other

So what do I need?
  • A PSVita on
  • One of  games with usable exploits for the PSVita console
  • The edited SAVE DATA for the respective PSVita game
  • [Recomended] OPENCM
    • useful to avoid forced updates
    • to transfer files to/from VITA without being connected to internet
    • allows lower firmwares to transfer
    • keeps CMA from sending information to Sony
    • allows the transfer of blacklisted games
      • How to setup and install OPENCMA
        • Download and install CMA
        • Download OpenCMA
        • OpenCMA installation from included ReadMe:
        • Extract the archive into your CMA folder (program files/Sony/Content Manager Assistant by default
        • Quit the CMA if it is running on your PC
        • Execute “run.bat” (you need to run it in “Admin mode”)
        • That’s it, now the CMA should run without requiring to be connected to the internet


~ Now – Choose the appropriate VHBL for your firmware and exploitable game

 ~ Extract the save for your region onto your PC to My DocumentsPS VitaPSAVEDATAnumbersandlettersfolder

~ Turn off PC internet connection (not really necessary, but I do it anyway. Some users say it still asks them to update)

~ Turn off wireless connections on PSVita or it will still try to connect Sony’s servers

~ Connect PSVita to PC , run Content Manager on PSVita

~ Hit start, select PC -> PS Vita System

~ Select Applications->Saved Data (PSP/Other)

~ Select your VHBL save, choose copy, save will be copied to the PSVita

~ Running the VHBL for each individual game

~ How to prepare,copy,install, and run homebrew:

Preparing homebrew for installation on the PSVita

~ Just click on this to Download your favorite PSP homebrews

~ Extract the homebrew somewhere on your hard drive, and with winrar or your favorite compression tool, add folder to archive with store compression and name it “INSTALL.ZIP” <-must be all caps

~ Take any PSP savedata folder(but not the one used for VHBL!), and add the “INSTALL.ZIP” to the save.

~ Copy the save folder to MyDocumentsPSVitaPSAVEDATAnumbersandlettersfolder

You will have the following files:





INSTALL.ZIP <-homebrew you just prepared

~ All files in game save must be in 8.3 format and all caps as shown.

~ Transferring Homebrew to your PSVita:

~ Turn off PC internet connection (not really necessary, but I do it anyway. Some users report still being asked to update)

~ Turn off wireless connections on VITA and put in flight mode

~ Connect VITA to PC, run Content Manager on VITA

~ Select PC->PS Vita System->Applications->Saved Data (PSP/Other)

~ Select your homebrew save(check box), choose copy. Saved will be copied to VITA



~ Installing homebrew on the PSVita:



~ Start VHBL from within your specified game (see above)

~ VHBL will start in ms0:/PSP/GAME, select the “..” at the top and press X

~ On next page (ms0:/PSP) do down to “SAVEDATA” folder, press X

~ Highlight homebrew to be installed, press X to install (be careful not to select the VHBL save itself)

~ After installing homebrew(s) go back up to “..”, press X then highlight “GAME” folder, press X

~ You should now be in “ms0:/PSP/GAME” folder and can play your homebrew!


Running your homebrew on the PSVita:


~ Start VHBL from within your specific game (see above)

~ VHBL will start in ms0:/PSP/GAME, select the homebrew you wish to run, press X

For the new exploit on 2.12 here are is the new game save file and I put 138menu in there for you.

Plus a homebrew game save to install your homebrew on VHBL and a little game testing pack.



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