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Review: Playstation Controller/Handheld Stands from Rose Colored Gaming

This is the first of a 3 part series made to focus on reviewing some of the stands that are exclusive from Rose Colored Gaming. The next article will be over Nintendo controller stands, followed by stands for the Nintendo handhelds with Nintendo consoles. This article will be over the PlayStation …

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fail0verflow releases info on PS4 Kernel Exploit: Adieu

If you’ve been following the PS4 scene lately you’ll notice that there’s been some new development that’s been shared. Like developer ‘flat z’ showing us the Debug Settings menu on firmware 4.55. Next developer qwertyoruiopz shows that he has a new kernel exploit for FW5.0 and with his skills and knowledge, there’s no …

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Custom & Repacked PKG Installation on 4.55FW Retail PS4

Today, developer ‘flat z’ took to YouTube to show off his most recent discovery. Down below he shows off how to launch the *Debug Settings menu. You’ll then have access to the package installer. I decided to add his description from the original video that we have posted below so …

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Our Review of CHAOS CHILD

Years after a devastating earthquake hit Shibuya, normal life has somewhat returned. However, amidst the normal daily life, there are mysteries that cannot be explained. A group of high school students has noticed some of these mysteries and the inconsistencies that lie within them. Will these students uncover the true during their …

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