Xerpi Releases ds3vita- Control Your PSVita Using A DualShock 3!!!!

You may have seen about a week ago that developer xerpi released a plugin that will let you use the DS4 controller on the PSVita. He also made a plugin that will let you use a Wiimote on the PSVita with taiHEN you can read about both here & here.psvita-ds3

Well, it seems that xerpi cannot be stopped and to prove it he has released ds3vita beta 1!!! With this plugin you can use your DS3 controller with your PS Vita here is what he had to say about this.

After some more reverse engineering to the Vita’s Bluetooth module, I’ve managed to get a DS3 connected. It’s in an early stage (the LEDs are not set yet, so they will continue to blink), and it could be somewhat buggy.

Download: ds3vita beta 1

Enable the plugin:

  1. Add ds3vita.skprx to taiHEN’s config (ux0:/tai/config.txt):
  2. You need to refresh the config.txt by rebooting or through VitaShell.

Pairing the controller:

  1. Download this tool (or this other one if you want to compile it yourself)
  2. Connect your DS3 to the PC and open the tool
  3. Introduce the Vita’s MAC address to the tool (Settings -> System -> System information)

Using it once paired (see above):

  1. Just press the PS button and it will connect to the Vita

Note: If you use Mai, don’t put the plugin inside ux0:/plugins because Mai will load all stuff you put in there…

There are still a few kinks that need to be worked out but with the way xerpi works i don’t see it taking that long before it’s all done.

You can grab a copy here and keep an eye on him in the future cause he is taking control of the PS Vita like no one else has.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.




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  1. nice!
    the dream would be if you could display direct feed on your TV.
    So became a portable console