There is hidden treasure in PlayStation Guide

A secret PS Vita tutorial has been hidden in our PlayStation Guide and it’s waiting to be found!

ps vita plain

The treasure has been found! Congratulations, szczuru!

As you know, last year we launched PlayStation Guide, an online guide providing information and tutorials about hacking PlayStation consoles PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS Vita so that even absolute beginners can upgrade their consoles and make full use of them. That’s something Sony can’t/won’t allow.

Recently, I’ve found out that Freakler, the main creator of PlayStation Guide, had hidden there a tutorial which hasn’t been published yet.

The tutorial is about the method to dump and install PS Vita cartridges, originally developed by Mr.Gas and Major_Tom. You can read about it more here.

It’s is somewhere in the PlayStation Guide, waiting to be found. It shouldn’t be too difficult, so give it a go. If you find it, post the proof in the comment section of this article.

In addition, the finder will receive a 30-day trial of Private Internet Access VPN service.
Note: You must be registered at our forums to claim the prize.


Good luck!

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  1. A stupid VPN??
    How much you are using Torrents??
    To support the new cobra black fin??

  2. So what now? GO GO PIRACY? =\

  3. Wow i found this already 3 weeks ago…

  4. So, this is basically a true backup playing solution that avoids piracy? (Dump your cartridge, play your game while it remains locked to your account.)

    If so, that’s really sweet. Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of vita mem cards defeats this for me.

  5. I already saw the post I think a month ago..
    It just happen that I’m on 3.55 so I didn’t put much effort about it..

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