PS3: Habib and Mysis working on COBRA 7.3 that loads PS2 games normally without syncing errors

Ghostbusters-The-Video-Game-PS2-PS3Earlier this Week Developer Joonie confirmed that Developers Habib and mysis are working on COBRA 7.3. As most of you probably know is about COBRA 7.2 and below, they have controller syncing issues when playing PS2 games. So you will need to use a PS2 Loader Homebrew to get the Syncing working. Developer Joonie has confirmed that Developers Habib and mysis have managed to reverse what the VSH does to the configuration when launching PS2 games.

Thanks to this they were able to integrate these steps into COBRA 7.3 so that COBRA 7.3 is now able to load PS2 games normally through the Disk icon without syncing errors. Here’s a video of it in action and what Joonie said about this:

REBUG 4.78.1 REX (CEX)
All 3 DS3 controllers are synced while playing PS2 titles through PS2 Disc icon. (without ps2 launcher method)
Habib and mysis reversed what VSH does to configuration of PS2 emulation, and COBRA 7.3 Core can now do the same.
ps2bootparam is where it has all ps2 configurations parsed by VSH.
Many thanks to those two talented devs!

I’m looking forward to the release of COBRA 7.3 and hope it will be deemed stable soon and REBUG 4.78.1 will get a updated Version 🙂

Source: psx-place, Joonie

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  1. Beta testing it right now and it is rock solid. JOONIE asked me to do some disc based testing ad lv1 needs a few latches as disc are only be ing detected upon coldboot. And Habib is steady adding more controller support. I was the only person with more then four pads to do testing so if all goes well expect it very soon.

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