PSP: Infinity Perma Patch for 6.61 to be released this Sunday

For all of us who are still using their PSPs for playing Games, using Homebrew or using it to play GBA or other emulators and don’t own a hackable 1000 or 2000 PSP need to always restart the CF if the PSP crashed or the Battery run empty. It may only be a few seconds until the CFW is booted up again (and this can already be made faster by installing Lightspeed or Darkspeed) but CFW at boot time is always better ;).

Developer DaveeFTW has been developing his Perma-Patch called Infinity for some time now and it will finally be made public on Sunday 0 am GMT after beta testing and making sure that it will be stable for daily use. This means we will finally be able to also have a Permanent CFW installed that will be launched at boot time and another nice feature is the recovery function. It will allow for a restore of crucial system components if a brick should arise. This is something that was only possible on 1000 and 2000 PSPs up until now with a Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick. This will not unbrick already bricked unhackable 2000, 3000 or PSP GOs but from now on if a brick happens and the Infinity core got installed you will be able to fix the brick.

Bootloader Config Main Screen

Some of you may be interested in the technical part of this CFW. I myself don’t know much but it is basically a Hybrid FW mixed of Components from 6.31 and 6.61. Davee was able to find a exploit in FW 6.31 that allowed for unsigned code execution at boot time which got fixed with later Firmwares such as 6.60. So he build a HybridFW containing the exploitable parts of FW 6.31 and the other parts of FW 6.61 to create a FW which would allow to play the latest games but also allow unsigned code execution at boot time. So after installing the HybridFW you can just install your favorite CFW (ME/PRO) just like you’re using a normal firmware. But after installing the CFW you can choose in Infinitys Bootloader config which CFW should be automatically booted when coldbooting. The Bootloader config will also allow for Updating over the Internet and with update files on the Memory Stick 🙂

Bootloader Config CFW Module Screen
Bootloader Config Update Screen

So I guess that most of you are asking themselves now which devices and CFws will be supported by this Perma-Patch?
First of all it can be installed from every Firmware because it is going to erase and replace your Firmware with the HybridFW anyway so it is compatible with every OFW BUT it will only support all 1000 and 2000 PSPs all 3000 PSPs (It should support the incredibly rare 07g 3000 PSPs but because they’re so rare it couldn’t be tested on a 07G) and the PSP GOs. The PSPE-1000 is NOT SUPPORTED AS OF NOW because of it being incompatible with Firmware 6.31 (The E-1000 Minimum Firmware is 6.60 as far as I know) but Davee will try to add E-1000 compatibility with an update in the future.
Firmware Builder Start

So what will you need for Infinity?
A compatible PSP running a CFW and the 6.31 and 6.61 Updater files (The EBOOT.PBP updaters) If you’re using a PSPX000 with UMD you will need the Updaters for the PSPX000 and if you’re having a PSP GO you will need the Updaters for the GO (PSP-NXXX) of course the Infinity files when they are released and that’s it ;D

Firmware Flasher Start

We are going to keep you up-to-date and tell you when the Infinity files got released and where you will need to download them together with a Tutorial on how to install Infinity on your PSP 🙂

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  1. I’m so glad this is a thing. I disassembled my 2000 model PSP as an ignorant young lad and then the tears came… but that’s all behind me and my 3001 9g is going to be the best thing ever!

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