PSVita: The Flow shows off first custom PS1 game running on 3.50FW

A few days  ago The Flow was asking about epsp exploits and that he found a way to get a ps1 loader working on higher firmware.

173210 reports back that he was able to install the flow ps1 eboot on to 3.57

Today the Flow showed everyone his ps1 exploit works just fine on FW 3.50, but like he said in the tweet above he needs another kernel exploit for this to work on FW3.57. It’s great to see progress with any PS1 exploit after such a long hiatus in that department. Keep up the good work The Flow and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for the scene.

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  1. Jus a thought if @173210 managed to get it working on 3.57 what exploit would he be using to get it to work that @theflow0 would need to make it work for everyone else?

    • 173210 (more than likely) has a kernel exploit they would like to keep private. Also, its likely 173210’s private bubble method is needed to run this on 3.57. I have no idea how else they would be able to throw things into PSP/GAME.

      As for lower FW (like the one in the video), TheFlow already has access to public pspemu kernel exploits.

  2. Interesting, honestly can’t wait for this to release this looks even more promising with sound working.
    Great work The Flow 🙂

  3. Sweet I’m pretty sure he once asked me for PhotoShop design assistance on VitaShell, but I’ve been very busy. TheFlow if you see this I’m sorry haha, not ass kissing, but maybe we can work together in the future.

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