3DS: Exploits Updated to support FW10.4


First let me state if your currently running FW10.3 stay there wait for future development to unfold!

The 3DS scene never seems to take a break and that’s great for you new 3DS adopters. Yellows8 have gone above and beyond to update his extremely popular MenuHax, BrowserHax and OOT3DHax. These entry points are now compatible with FW10.4 on the Old/New 3DS systems. MenuHax 2.2 also features some some MenuHax manager UI adjustments.

You can grab the latest MenuHax 2.2 zip package here and BrowserHax is available here. If your new to the scene and have a 3DS on FW10.4 use BrowserHax to install MenuHax. Get prepared to enjoy some awesome 3DS homebrew on the latest firmware. Be sure to also take advantage of the eShop access, as Nintendo has been known to release quick updates and prevent Hans from spoofing the eShop. There’s even some sales going on in the eShop and be sure not to miss them.


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  1. Hi i have a OR3dsxl on firmware 5.xx i would like to be able to play my 3ds kart games on a sd card which exploit should i go for so that i can do just about anything?

  2. Work perfectly on my New3DSXL 10.5.0 30U.

  3. All forums are saying that it doesn’t works,i can understand why.
    Anyway,it does work. but keep this a secret or nintendo will fix it in 3 seconds,i think.

  4. Hackinformer i finally got my pc running. Before i begin i have 3 o3dslxl 5.1.0-11u 2nd 6.2.0-12u 3rd 7.0.0-13u and 1 blue sky3ds and i would like to be able to be on the best most compatible ofw run a cfw with hombrew basically what you recommend with little to no issues be able to play my legally owned roms reigon free without being prompt to update firmware and figure out how to install my personally owned .cia files on one of the other 3ds without the need to go to eshop. As always thanks for your dedication to having a sweet site and keeping the scenesters up to date!

  5. Thanks for speed reading with no reply.