PSVita: How to dump files in FW 3.55

Well its been nearly 4 months since when Sony “patched” the fail-mail tricks to dump and write to the Vita’s filesystem but only short time after that, Major_Tom already published this tweet saying, at least, the dumping part does still work.

Sony was probably in a big hurry trying to fix everything as soon as possible and since we are talking about Sony they of course failed.. (kind of)

I thought they would change system apps permissions but the email app is still able to read/write to ux0, AND other partitions, that’s for sure!

In the end, they didn’t change the whole e-mail app permissions regarding accessing the Vita like Major_Tom predicted, no, they “just” patched the URI-calling used for the trick (email:send?attach=) in the mail-app. (Most like because they were in a hurry and wanted to stick to their planned firmware release schedule for 3.55 with this quick ‘damage control’ fix.)

Well we weren’t quite sure (after the 3.57 update gone public and patched this last week) if we should publish the following method at all, but since today someone over at wololo’s forum mentioned this as well, why not, right?! Although it was mentioned a couple of times before, we can easily use the Calendar app to call support_uri(s), let’s hope Sony doesn’t decide to finally patch this after all. Anyways here is..


How to dump files on firmware 3.55


1) Create a new calendar Event


2) Go to “Description” and write down the support uri with the file-link and save it



3) Select “Send by Email”



4) Now this should look familiar to you and all you need to do is send back this mail to your mail account and retrieve the file.




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  1. The amazingness just happened again

  2. Can i do this if i have 3.57?

  3. Hi I cant do it because when I click on send by email it sends me the error c2-14399-6 I hope you can help me

  4. Yes it works … right I downloaded to Vita FW: 3.55 app.db file (324 kB)


  5. Hola alguien puede hacer un video por favor, no se como hacerlo y estoy en 3.55, por favor un video, nunca lo e echo 🙁

    • No sometime it just acts up. You can try and delete your email, it sometime can help “sometimes”. Next try a different email service like gmail or yahoo.

      • hello, someone can help me, and I never miss and do not know how to do to 3.55 , there are videos but only to 3.52 , please make a video , sure there are many like me 🙁

  6. Como reinició mi app email? Porque hasta ahí todo bien me sale el ok, cierro la aplicación y vuelvo y la abro y no me sale, me sale normal como siempre, no como foto

  7. fine I already sent the file to my email but whats next on fw 3.55

  8. Now all we need is a tutorial on how to inject ark an Tn V pboot

  9. can you use this to whitelist 3.55?

  10. So everyone’s saying this doesn’t work on 3.57 but I just dumped my app.db and I’m able to retieve it :))

  11. hello, someone can help me, and I never miss and do not know how to do to 3.55 , there are videos but only to 3.52 , please make a video , sure there are many like me 🙁

  12. Yea how do I write to vita on 3.55 it never works I have my app.db though

  13. Is this possible to write bubbles like TN-V or ARK to our 3.55 Vita’s by this method?