ROCKMAN ROCKMAN: New JP exploit for the PSVita FW 3.52

Having canceled the release for the game Detective Opera Milky Homes Demo, 173210 has released a new exploit, the gameロックマンロックマン( Rockman Rockman) for version 3.52 unfortunately only to the Store JP .


If you want to take advantage of the discount for the game Rockman Rockman, here is the link , its price is ¥ 315, about $ 3.00

For this exploit the 173210 has announced a new version or update of HBL (Half Byte Loader 0.3) , which fixes several bugs.



If you are from users who have already bought this game on your PSVita, here is a small guide to using the VHBL for this exploit.

Download Rockman Rockman VHBL OFW 3.52

Place the folder: ULJM05044ED0000 en route and transfer saved by CMA or OpenCMA


Start the game from your PSVita and follow these steps (catches through the web





Wait a few seconds and VHBL will load, and can install your favorite homebrews. This release has yet to be confirmed if the famous 1MB patch is still here, so if you have this exploit you can discuss your results in the comments below.



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  1. 6min left for download. will confirm if it has crappy 1mb limit.

    • So can you confirm if it has the 1 mb limit? I really want to make sure I can run GBA and SNES emulators on it before going through with the exploit

  2. so about the exploit. the vhbl that comes with tries to install games to psp/games instead of psp/vhbl. It does not crash it just doesnt transfer anything except the Root folder (ex. psp/game/gpsp.) Loading the 138 menu with the lastest PHP files (wmenu.bin–>EBOOT.PBP and DATA.138) will allow you to install and run homebrew.

    • I tried to install the SNES emulator to try and see if it will work, It jumps to the top of the menu whenever I try to run it after I installed it, Guess that is related to what you said?

  3. Where can i buy psn jp?

  4. there is a snes emulator that works with puzzle scape look for that. i couldnt find a gba emulator that has the vhbl directory. you can buy 1000yen cards on japan-codes for about 11$

    • Hmm thanks, but puzzle scape has been removed as far as I know hasn’t it? Guess I’ll just have to wait it out for an exploit with more capabilities. Thanks

  5. haha no the same snes emulator works for this exploit i just cant remember the name. when i get home ill post the name here (:

  6. also can confirm no crappy 1mb limit. sorry about not getting back on that

  7. snes emulator is uo_snes9x runs basically full speed with frameskip enabled (tested with super mario world)

  8. I swapped vhbl menu out for 138-the latest one, and it worked fine. I installed gpsp kai and when I ran it I was sent back to 138 menu. Any help? Also I know when I set up php’s exploit rom installation was really complicated, how do you put roms on here? Would a ftp or something work? Rather not keep installing save after changing one file and stuff.

  9. ftp doesnt work and neither does adhoc file transfer . gpsp doesnt work because it looks for the files in PSP/GAME not PSP/VHBL

  10. use onemenu cause it looks amazing. nazi zombies portable works if anyone is interested.

  11. when installing onemenu transfer all files over to save exploit folder.

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