PSVita: Qwikrazor87 about to release ARK-2 for 3.52 & bubbles!?

We have some very good news everyone! Our No.1 Dev when it comes to ePSP is back at it and he just announced the release of a new kernel exploit.

Ark2 psvita

We knew for some time now that qwikrazor87 still had at least one kernel exploit up his sleeves and today we can be sure he got everything working again with another port of the ARK-2 eCFW.

Maybe he got tired of waiting for the new Vita Firmware, like me and just said its enough. So here we are once again with eCFW on the most recent Firmware.

See a video of ARK-2 in action by our scene-cameraman The Zett here:

You will need one of the exploit games already released for 3.52 or not, this will be up to his decision on releasing his new bubble method. If he indeed releases his bubble method, you won’t need to buy any exploit game for 3.52 and below.

So what does this mean for you and what can you do with ARK?
  • ISO
  • Plugins
  • PS1Β  (without Sound)
  • no 1 MB restriction

BUT we are still limited when it comes to writing to PSP/GAME folder. Which really sucks and thats why its not recommended to update past 3.36 if you are on this or any lower firmware. You could of course use the EML trick or if you have a second Vita you could use the memory card swap trick, but that may be a topic for another day..

Wait what about dem Bubbles?!

They have been around for quite some time now and there is more to it in terms of native tricks and I really don’t want/can’t give any more info, but if they are going to be released its yet another hard to patch thing for sony and implies the release of more tricks as well. πŸ˜€


So yes that’s it and I really hope he will at least wait for the next Firmware to FINALLY be released first. We will keep you updated of course..


One more thing:

As I already said earlier, you should really consider donating a little bit to qwikrazor87, since he is the more or less the only one actively working on ePSP and really could use a little bit of extra money for his technical needs and so on: btn_donate_LG


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  1. im at 3.52 what should i do ? what the game should to purchase ?

    i have pool hall pro already

  2. β˜†Th3_Prβ—‹β˜†

    hopefully its a new exploit… php and wop have that 1mb restriction..

  3. Dudes, this is for WOP/PHP. As far as I know, PHP/WOP will serve as the installer for the kernel exploit, which will run independently from the game. You shouldn’t need to buy anything, if you already have PHP/WOP.

    • Don’t go around spreading lies. wop/php has the 1mb limit and there is no way around that.
      The exploit game will be released at a later date.
      Bubbles work for any game serving as a base, however any minis or previous exploit games used for bubbles will have the 1mb limit.

      • What game has been used before for bubbles?

        • Every game apart from exploited ones should work, i have used bubbles on games i have purchased without a problem so it doesn’t matter what game is used as long as they have not yet been exploited.

  4. I have php for ps vita 1st generation running 3.52. My problems is that with all the guides and save files I’ve found I cannt get the 138 menu to load. All save files end up with a 1614kb file once it has been ran, before i transfer the save file it has a 1543kb save. Im using cma i cannt figure out how to use qcma or opencma. Anyway this is very exciting news

  5. i would love if its possible to upgrade from 3.36 to 3.52 without losing exploit, or to prepare an 3.52 bubble in .36 and update afterwards

  6. Can anyone say if it will at least be a paid u.s. game for the exploit? I want to get the new rockman rockman exploit but I’d rather not spend 10 bucks on a jp card then turn around and find out that this exploit costs 10 or more bucks.

    • If you wait for the bubbles to be released it might be possible to make an ARK-2 bubble (i have it on 3.36) which would not cost anything extra as long as you have another non exploited psp game on your vita.
      But at the very least i would recommend to try donating a little to Qwikrazor anyway, he deserves all he can get for his hard work. πŸ™‚

  7. Man ! THAT’S AWESOME !
    i am gonna prepare my wallet for this !

  8. Has castlevania dracula c chronicles been exploited before? I’m sure It hasn’t , just confirm please

  9. with the megaman exploit i can write files to psp/game, just not folders

  10. Im new to this
    Psone games will have no sound
    But psp games will
    What about psone2psp games even without sound?