Universal ONEMenu Reload V2R1

Universal Onemenu has been upgraded to V2R1, the main change is the support for games .dax CFW format in LME / ME , it is a pity that so far the eCFW ARK / TN-V does not have this support in the PSVita .


Being in VHBL, remember that purchased PSN games, ISO / CSO and PS1 can not run. While in eCFW TN-V or ARK, ONEMenu Universal will have no problem to run these games.

Some major changes was to include an improvement in extracting the .ZIP files , so it is now a bit faster installation of your homebrews using Zip files uncompressed. ( Thank you for your help GBOT ).

For OpenCMA or CMA can transfer the Zip must follow these simple rules:

  • The full name of the Zip all caps including extension ( INSTALL.ZIP )
  • The name should not exceed more than 9 characters.
  • Zip compression should be ” Store “or” No Compression “.


If you find somewhere where Sony firmware block access to writing in PSP / GAME is advisable toinstall homebrew on your PSP / VHBL and activate the option: SCAN VHBL within ONEMenu Universal.


So your Zip file must be of the following structure:

PSP / VHBL / Homebrew / VBOOT.PBP <ARK -For PSP / VHBL / Homebrew / FBOOT.PBP <-To TN-V / VHBL



– Now you can display icons that are within your file: INSTALL.ZIP

Universal Onemenu


NOTE: It is not yet implemented functions for resources .dax format games like PIC.PNG, ICON0.PNG, so they are not shown in the main menu.

You must enable your browser to run these games (Press Select to use the browser).


Universal ONEMenu V2R1


They have already made ​​three translations contained in this folder Translates ONEMenu

Thanks for the video to kotyan

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  1. puedo usar esto en mi psvita 3.52 pool hall pro ? y jugar isos psp con esto ?

  2. I can use this in my psvita pool hall pro 3.52 ? psp isos and play with this?

  3. sorry but what is V2R1?