PS3 XDR-DRAM vulnerability

Developer Zecoxao, has found a new vulnerability for the PS3. It’s a hardware vulnerability available on all PS3s(Yes 3k and 4k too :P)


He found out that the serial data line on the PS3s XDR chip is used to initialize the RAM’s test pattern + it has read/write mode and is freely accessable.  😀

Here’s what Zecoxao said about the release:

in all ps3s, there is a serial data line on the console’s XDR chip used to initialize the ram‘s test pattern.
It has read/write mode and it’s freely accessable.

the address is obtained from the xdr interface.
You can see it on service manual.

You can write a payload to memory and on a loaded game (or savegame data) it’ll run the payload and do… stuff.

ps: yes, all ps3s

discuss at will or shit on it, i don’t care…

He also posted some pictures of the chip and where CMD, SCK, SDO and RST can be found.
diagram back diagram front SPI pads
I’m curious as to what is going to be done with this 😀
Maybe we can get CFW on 3k and 4k but that could take some time and no one knows what Sony will do about it.


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  1. Since this is a hardware hack and a new one at that it can be exploited on the newest firmware I hope. I know there’s not much info, but having just updated right before reading this, I feel like a dummy dumb. s

    • I don’t see why it would not work on the newest FW

      • Sweet, so the only thing that can get rid of this exploit, if it works or when it’s working, is another hardware revision which would most likely not happen.’

        I hope the dev of this isn’t discouraged over this due to it being a hardware hack. I understand why software hacks are more popular for PS3 hacks now a days since the scene isn’t that big now.

        Does he/she accept donations?

  2. Maybe load a dumper to get the console keys to unlock FW for downgrade.

    • Why only use the Keys to downgrade :P?
      Why not use the keys and make a 4.70 CFW 😛

  3. is there any news? Does he began work on the firmware?

  4. How process going – May ba some tech info? Any details – very interesting.