Batman Arkham Knight: Community questions


Hello everyone!

I know many of you are waiting for the new chapter of the Batman Arkham saga, developed by Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros Entertainment.

The new game is the last chapter of the saga started in 2009 always by WB Entertainment, Rocksteady and Eidos Interactive. It is the winner of several prizes such as The British Academy Video Games Award for the category “Best Game”and “Best Gameplay” and Spike Video Game Award to Rocksteady for “Best Studios.”

There is almost a month until the game comes out and many users of the Rocksteady community have asked some questions to the developers to remove any doubt about the new chapter.


Here the top 5 questions:

Q: You can break down the tanks without using the Batmobile?
A: Batman has again the disturber and you can enhance it for damage tanks fire modules, so they explode as they try to hook Batman and shoot at him.

Q: There are new uses for rapid-fire gadgets like the Bat-Claw?
A: You can use some gadgets while you are in flight to hit enemies below us, with gel explosive, freezing grenades or electric shock, and then pull another enemy with the Bat-Claw.

Q:You can equip the skins immediately or have to finish the game before?
A: The skins will be available immediately for the first game already.

Q: There will be loading screens in the transitions between indoor and outdoor environments?
A: You will not attend any loading screen in the entire game and the whole experience will be smooth and continuous according to lead designer.

Q: There will be maps or challenge mode dedicated to Batmobile?
A: They will present both challenges and dedicated to the destruction of tanks, challenge races with running time on the roads, as other challenges of classic racing.

Obviously these questions are the most interesting and popular in the community.
I remind you that Batman Arkham Knight will be available June 23, 2015 on ps4 and xbox one at the price of 59,99$ for the regular game and 89,99$ for the premium edition with season pass included.


In the meantime, I leave you with the ultimate insider video entitled “All who follow you” and I invite you to follow me on my Twitter account, darkamon, for further updates.

Until then, see ya!

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  1. Stephen Mcmillan

    Will there be predator and combat challenges similar to arkham city, where you can use Harley, red hood, nightwing and robin? If so how do you unlock them?

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