Total Noob and PS1 Bubble on FW3.35..

Everyone, has been wondering when Total Noob will be back on the scene.  Well, I can say that Total Noob has never left the scene, he just takes breaks from time to time. We all should know the reason why he went silent, it was because of the big leak Acid Snake did. Total Noob has every right to be pissed off as he does a lot of work for the scene and always seem to get the shit end of the stick. From people calling him a drama queen or a fag because he won’t share any of this work (source code). He has every right to keep this work and not give it to anyone, since he does most of all the hard lifting. So here a quick video of the PS1 bubble in action and below the video is what Total Noob had to say about the whole thing..



 Hi, here Total_Noob, first of all, I’m still here, but not back to the scene (yet). I just want to show you some cool stuff on my Vita.
Secondly I want to explain you guys why I often appeared/disappeared. There are people who think that I just want some drama or attention, but this is not true. I have never said by myself that I want to leave the scene, no there were always people who shouted out loud these things and made them public.
Of course when you don’t hear anything from me for a long time it means that I am busy. I don’t always have time for PSP/PS Vita, so I just sit quiet in the background.
But the last time there was a reason why I disappeared. Acid_Snake leaked two of my kernel exploits plus the PS1 exploit on which I worked the most…who wouldn’t be angry? I was pissed off because the scene was even happy about the leaks and didn’t know its damage.
In addition I made many haters, particularly The Zett this ugly bastard shouts out loud that I’m a fag because I don’t share my TN-V source code? WTF?! It’s my own project on which I worked for 3 years and this motherfucker, who can not even write a single line of code, thinks that he can insult me? I’m the only one who can decide what to do with my own written code.
Just saying…

Back to the video. As I can now play PS1 games again I can finally forget the leak Acid_Snake did.

The 3.35 PS1 Loader (TN-X) is planned to be released some time, maybe this coming spring or summer (when the moment is right). But only if The Zett and other haters leave me in peace.
Also it is planned to upgrade the current PSX Loader to add plugins support, support for more than 16 games, Playstation TV support (this will be released earlier).
Btw, if anybody can donate me a Playstation TV I can fix the control bug faster. I already tried to, but it’s a weird problem where remote testing is difficult.

Anyways, happy new year! Yeah, it’s a bit late to say 😛


If you want to support me you can donate me a small amount of money, I would be very pleased.…

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  1. That is great news. The sole reason i am staying at 3.18 is, ps1 Loader. I am very happy to see the support will be extended and PS TV will be supported too.

  2. nice to see a few words from you and great to hear about the progress that you’ve done can’t wait to see what happens

  3. Good to see the project is still ongoing.
    Thumbs up PSTV.

  4. Lol the The Zett is nothing but a troll who gets given stuff he had no hand in developing then shows it off to the world. . what a twat.

  5. I wouldn’t mind reading more updates from Total_Noob. I don’t know anybody personally, so I refuse to comment on personalities, however I have enjoyed Total_Noob’s work. I’m still a fan.

  6. Jesus Christ can we please move on from the dead horse that is the PSP emu and focus on what’s going on with the native hacks? Everyone is so happy to hear this news but if you’re like me and have been playing the cat and mouse game with these exploits since firmware 1.xx you get pretty tired of seeing the same exploits released again and again. What Acid Snake did was a good thing for the scene even if he was kind of an asshole by releasing some work that was not his own. Regardless what his intentions were it got people much more focused on the native side of the Vita which is where everyone’s focus should be. As for whatever happened between The Z and TN, don’t think anyone here knows what actually went behind the scenes on so let’s not talk like we do.

    • Well these bubbles run on current firmware. Also if a PS Vita CFW was released you would STILL have to play the cat and mouse game. I doubt Sony will let a full blown CFW run on latest firmware and connect to PSN. PSP content is better than nothing. I suggest you shut up, or make something better.

  7. Love it shot tn allwAys liked your work I hope you release this bad boy for us one day awesome stuff keep it up mate

  8. PS Vita encryption architecture:
    Half-key encryption where authentication keys resides on-chip and mc either on-flash.
    Someone should start analyzing the memory dump.

    More to come.

  9. Ive been around the ps underworld since the ps2 era and cannt understand why sony keeps tring to make the hacks more complicated to execute. If their is a way to get around the normal then the underground will find it. Thanks the all the users whove succeded and released their work. (noob, geohot ect.) sitting on 3.35 till everything is released Thanks noob pleaee release somthing for 3.35