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Name: Gravity Rush
Version: 1.01
Author: JonJun (@k_jonjun)
[Image: 0S59cbk.jpg]

BGM.at9 – 01 – 万有引力の発見
BGM_1.at9 – 02 – 束の間
BGM_2.at9 – 03 – 炎獄の道
BGM_3.at9 – 04 – プレジューヌ
BGM_4.at9 – 05 – オルドノワ

Download: Gravity Rush Theme


Name: Studio Ghibli
Version: 1.02
Author: Red Squirrel (@redsquirrel87)
[Image: 2015-10-17-212828.jpg]

Download: Studio Ghibli


Name: Patapon XMB
Version: 1.00
Author: Naha09
[Image: 2r6yudg.png]

Download: Patapon XMB


Name: Hatsune Miku Theme
Version: v1.40 Final
Author: Vex_Official
Description: Hatsune Miku v1.40 Final is just great!

[Image: 2015_10_21_000129.jpg]

(21/10) Hatsune Miku Theme v1.40 Final (BGM)
(21/10) Hatsune Miku Theme v1.40 Final
(20/10) Hatsune Miku Theme v1.30 (BGM)
(19/10) Hatsune Miku Theme v1.20
(19/10) Hatsune Miku Theme v1.20 (BGM)
(19/10) Hatsune Miku Theme v1.20 (BGM Ballad)


Name: Devil May Cry
Version: 1.00
Author: Rithy_MC5

[Image: 13zod3t.jpg]

Download: Devil May Cry

Name: Steins;Gate
Version: 1.00
Author: Red Squirrel (@redsquirrel87)

[Image: 2015-10-22-013953.jpg]

Download: Steins;Gate



Name: They’re Pins, NOT BUBBLES!
Version: 1.00
Author: Gaze

[Image: 3lNWjOT.jpg]

Note: This theme has a lot of extra BGMs and icons so its like 5x bigger than usual. Read the readme for more info.
Download: They’re Pins, NOT BUBBLES!


Name: Blue XMB Theme V2
Version: 1.00
Author: ACViper

[Image: YhdsyNG.png]

Download: Blue XMB Theme V2


Name: Hackinformer Theme
Version: v1.00
Author: Vex_Official

Description: I love Hackinformer website. You guys love it too right? without it, there’s no one gonna tell us about custom themes, and everything



Hackinformer Theme v1.00 (BGM)


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