PSVita & PlayStation TV Custom Themes – Page 3

Version: 1.0
Author: Dmaskell92

[Image: bg3.jpg]

This theme includes optional Lock-Screens for 24 hour, and 12 hour time formats.

Download: Mediafire


Name: Windows theme
version: 1.00
Author: Jazoolee ahamed
[Image: 3385146_orig.jpg]
Download: Windows theme


Name: Pokémon
Version: 1.0
Author: Horigome
[Image: 2qx3k8z.png]

Download: Pokemon


Name: Pac-Man Theme
Version: 1.00
Author: YeeRMaaN

[Image: 2015_10_06_222633.jpg]

Download: PAC-MAN

Name: Xperia Vita Theme
Version: 1.00
Author: YeeRMaaN

[Image: CRPfC27U8AAwhZL.jpg]

Download: Xperia Vita Theme


Name: Corpse Party theme
Version: 1.00
Author: KronosXLI

[Image: party.jpg]

Includes: BGM, Icons & Lockscreen

Download: Corpse Party theme


Name: Angel Beats!
Version: 1.00
Author: ryuga9
[Image: jg56sdB.jpg]

Four BMG Available:
SSS.at9 – Theme of SSS piano ver.
MSYB.at9 – My Soul Your Beats piano ver.
INT.at9 – Ichiban no Takaramono piano ver.
BSP.at9 – Brave Song piano ver.

Download: Mega , Mediafire


Name: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Version: 1.01
Author: Red Squirrel (@redsquirrel87)

[Image: 2015-10-14-143337.jpg]

Download: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


Name: Uncharted Drake
Version: 1.00
Author: Rithy_MC5

[Image: uncharted.png]

Download: Uncharted Drake


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