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How to set up an older Firmware PSTV
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logo   How to set up an older Firmware PSTV

Working for Firmwares: all

Difficulty: Easy

Time: approx. 20 min

  • PlayStation 3 with PSN access
  • Vita Update Blocker v1.2

  • Note: Make sure to read the Older Vita Firmware Survival Guide for more info!

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    To activate and link your PSN account to the PSTV we need a PS3 system and Charles Proxy to circumvent some security checks.

    And since you most probably want to install a PSP eCFW we will need some PSP content installed.

    Therefore we are going to..

    Step 0: (If the PSTV is new out-of-the-box)

    Step 1: Buy and download any PSP game on your PS3

    For demonstration I will just use the PSP game Apache Overkill as an example.

    But you can of course use any game or free demo too!

    1) On your PS3 start the PSN and search for the game of your choice.

    psn store

    2) Buy it if you haven't already and download it to your PS3 System.

    psn store

    3) If everything did go right you should see it in your game category after the download has finished.

    psn store

    Note: Leave it in the bubble / do not install it (when possible)!

    Step 2: Set up VitaUpdateBlocker

    4) Start vita_update_blocker.exe (or python vita_update_blocker.py)

    proxy settings

    5) Open Settings app on your PSTV, Go to Network/Wi-Fi Settings/*your-WiFi*/Advanced Settings/

    6) Change proxy settings to ip:port that shown on VitaUpdateBlocker.

    proxy settings

    7) Save settings and restart your PSTV just to be sure

    Step 3: Connecting your PSTV to PS3 via wifi and copy content

    8) Now connect your PSTV via Wifi to your PS3 so that this screen shows up.

    ps3vita_cma_2.jpg ps3vita_cma.jpg

    Note: In case your PSTV asks you to update, reboot and try again from step 2.

    9) Copy the game to your PSTV and it will automatically activate it!

    ps3vita_cma_ps3.jpg ps3vita_cma_ps3_pspgame.jpg ps3vita_cma_ps3_pspgame_copy.jpg ps3vita_exploitgame.jpg

    Done! Your PSTV should now be activated and linked to your account.

    To get more content you just have to redo the process!

    You can now proceed with installing hacks of your choice!

    How to install a ARK-2 Bubble without any exploitgame

    How to install a TN-V Bubble without any exploitgame

    How to install the PSTV Whitelist Patch (v2)

    FAQ & Troubleshooting

    My PSTV says that there is a different account activated on it?!

    Of course you need to use the same account on the PS3 to make this work!

    My PSP game won't show up in the CMA app when connected to PS3?!

    Sony might have blacklisted this game from transfering. :/

    Last updated:
    July 4, 2018