All in One Gaming Expo (Coming Soon to the Heart of America)

Kansas City, MO is a place on the map that just keeps growing. There’s simply no reason why we shouldn’t have a gaming expo that grows into something rivaling the larger ones. But, maybe without all of the corporate rigamarole? Well we’re doing just that and if you live nearby, I’d love to tell you what you’d get if you attend our expo March 11th and 12th, 2023.

Announcement Video:


March 11th, 2023–10AM to 9PM

March 12th, 2023–10AM to 6PM

Ball Event Center–21350 W. 153rd St. Olathe, KS 66061



  • eSports
  • Arcades
  • Videogames
  • Tabletop gaming
  • Food trucks
  • Free wifi
  • 10 handicapped spaces
  • Multiple, large restrooms
  • Calm space
  • ~13 artist tables
  • ~40 vendor tables
  • Round-the-clock panels
  • Movie night
  • Tabletop tournaments
  • ASL team “Nerdterpreter” available Saturday March 11th from open to 5PM.
  • Vendors accept all payments
  • 5 ATM’s within 1 mile
  • Volunteer helpers



Level One Game Shop-We’re your friendly neighborhood game shop. We sell games, culture-inspired apparel, figures, and more. Located in the City Market just off the Street Car.

Nerdterpreter-We are a sign language agency offering a unique approach to interpreting needs within niche environments. Our goal is to follow a Deaf-led approach to language access.

Gamesocket-Game Socket brings you the warmest gaming news in your hemisphere, featuring the world’s first mega-influencer Mike Graham. Mike loves the video games, and he has played all of them! He even has several high scores. Mike is joined by segment producer Dominic and occasional temporary guest host Brian. Come see their panel; there’s never been a better time to become a Game Socket fan. They are actively recruiting simps, fanboys, and hustle heifers to help elevate their brand to the gaming stratosphere!

KCGameOn-KCGameOn started in 2005 as a small LAN between friends. Fast forward almost 20 years and the organization has hosted more than 100 different events including bi-monthly, 300+ person LAN parties, corporate and casual leagues, tournaments, and technology and gaming conventions.

King Cade-King Cade Arcade a family friendly destination that features classic arcade games as well as console games. We offer parties and special events for every occasion. Come play for the day with the whole family.

Kansas City Community Meetup-Kansas City Community MeetUp is a non-profit group of volunteers that was formed for Twitch Broadcasters, Developers, Vendors, Event Coordinators, & Twitch Fans in & around the Kansas City area to connect & leverage our love for gaming & streaming to help local charities. We do MeetUps, on location livestreams, & convention appearances, in addition to our charity events. We work with local industry vendors & gaming communities to help ensure success in our market.

Forged Gaming-Our tabletop gaming products are meticulously designed and crafted for adventure. Here you will find the highest quality dice and the most unique tabletop accessories anywhere. We make products to match the passion you have for your game. We are Forged Gaming Company & we bid you welcome!

Norm The Gaming Historian-Join Norman Caruso as he presents a live episode of his show. The topic is a mystery, but you are sure to learn something new. There will also be a round of Jeopardy!, where members of the audience get a chance to show off their knowledge and win prizes. The panel concludes with a Q&A session.

KC Bemani-A group for rhythm game players in Kansas City & Beyond! We also have a Discord server:

All Points Podcast-All Points Podcast LIVE. Join us for a live show of the All Points Podcast. as we talk about everything going on in pop culture. From anime, to movies , to music, video games and everything in between. We hit all points! Join in on the conversation, we might even play a game or two.

Nightmare Junkhead-Their podcast is live and in person. On their episodes, they look to help add to your nostalgic (and horror) content with commentary tracks, new release reviews and so much more! Thanks for stopping by their movie panel and joining their film family!

Adam the Repair Guy-Amusement repair tech and arcade collector. Restoring and making gaming devices for almost a decade.


Panelist Schedule:

10:30am How NOT to stream in 2023! Hosted by Yantzi
12:00pm Inside Arcades w/ Adam the Repair Guy
1:30pm The Life and Burger Times of Burger Time – GameSocket Live
3:00pm The Gaming Historian Live!
4:30pm eSports! presented by Kansas City Pioneers
6:00pm Movie Night hosted by Nightmare Junkhead

10:30am Investigative Horror Writing w/ Jon Hook
12:00pm All Points Podcast Live Show
1:30pm Videogame Dads Podcast Live – Retro Gaming Recommendations


Tabletop Schedule:

10:30am Pokemon Tournament – 28 Player max Standard – Free – Bring Your Deck
2:00pm Magic JumpStart – 28 Player max Sealed – $10 – Cards Provided
6:00pm Dungeons & Dragons 5e Epic 30 Player Max – Free – AL T1-4 – 3-Hours

10:30am Digimon Tournament – 28 Player max Standard – Free – Bring Your Deck
12:00pm Jon Hook Game Mastered Call of Cthulhu One-Shot – Free – 4 Players
1:30pm Magic Commander Event – 24 Player max Commander – Free- Bring Your Deck
2:00pm Jon Hook Board Game Free – 3 Players



Tickets (thru 2/15 use code CHIEFS5 for a discount)







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