Android coming to the Nintendo Switch??

When the PSVita was first released smartphones dominated the market and anyone that owned a Vita always asked if Android could run on it. In the beginning, we didn’t know if it could or couldn’t but as the years past we all could see that Android on the PSVita was never going to happen, do to its security and OS it runs. This question about Android running on a handheld is a big one and probably the most asked question I’ve seen over the years especially when it comes to new units that hit the market.

Well, it’s finally happening as a handheld game console is able to run Android and its the Nintendo Switch of course. The Switch itself is basically like an nvidia shield tablet (best comparison even though the Switch is no nvidia shield) running its own custom Nintendo OS. So it was just a matter of time until we seen Android ported to work on the Nintendo Switch.

Right now it’s still a work in progress as the GPU drivers are not working, so they had to use the CPU to do it, which makes it run a little slow and chuggy. Other than that they already have the Wifi and Bluetooth working on it. Now there is no word when this will be released to the public but just seeing Android run on the Nintendo Switch is pretty sweet. If there is any more info that comes up on this we will for sure update this post but for now, you can find this info on device nintendo switch.


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