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Shenmue I & II Coming to Consoles and PC this August

Die-hard fans of the classic action-adventure game, Shenmue, have something to look forward to this 2018. During the Sega Fest, Sega surprised everyone with their announcement. And guess what? The first two games in the Shenmue Series will be re-released as Shenmue I & II. 

That’s right, Shenmue and Shenmue II are making its comeback to the gaming world. Relive Ryo Hazuki‘s quest for revenge with the stunning definitive edition of these classics in PS4, XOne, and PC! Here’s a look at the new box art for this re-release:

We bet all Shenmue devotees are as excited as Sega for Ryo Hazuki’s return. Check out their announcement at Twitter below.

Shenmue I & II is set for a digital and a physical release on August 21, 2018. Looking where to grab this game? Pre-order the PS4 and Xbox One version of Shenmue I & II here at Play-Asia.com. Click that button below to save your copies.


You can watch the trailers released for the game below.


Basically, the story brings you to Japan and centers on the game’s protagonist, Ryo Hazuki. Ryo’s mission is to seek revenge on the Chinese man named Lan Di who killed his father. You can take a look at Ryo Hazuki’s profile below.

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So Shenmue fans, be ready to join Ryo in his mission on the enhanced world of Shenmue I & II. Sega has confirmed that the game will have higher resolution, improved textures, and an updated UI. Players can also choose between the modern or classic control settings. And the most important feature of all, the options for a Japanese and English voiceover.

This remastered edition of the game comes ahead of Shenmue III which is planned for a 2019 release. In fact, the game reached a $6.3 million fund on Kickstarter. Well, the release of this remastered version will give loyal fans the chance to relive the game once again. And the best part is that they can also encourage new fans to the series! Well, let’s see how this can affect the sales of the upcoming Shenmue III.

Shenmue was first released in December 1999 for the Dreamcast. This was followed by Shenmue II that was released in 2001 in Japan and 2002 in the US.


  • The best Shenmue experience – Updated user interface, Choice of modern or classic controls and Fully scalable screen resolutions
  • An epic legend – A tale of revenge on a grand scale, Solve the mystery of your father’s murder
  • The world feels alive – Distract yourself with arcade games, collectibles, duck racing, and more


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