Package installer, Debug settings, & more now work on all PS3 systems

The Ps3xploit team hasn’t stopped working on the PS3 and trying to get every model to be able to at least play homebrew or have some non-retail features working. Now most of us know that you need a certain PS3 model to use the new exploit to put CFW on it, well that’s all about the change with PS3HAN.

About a week ago I ran into a leaked version of PS3HEN on a Russian forum post, in the post they talked about how they could add the package installer, debug settings, how to play backups, and even get your

When I saw what they were using I knew it had to be a leak version and it wasn’t ready for a release as ps3xploit team would have made some type of announcement like they did yesterday.

With Team ps3xploit being happy with the results they released it yesterday, now all PS3 will be able to enjoy homebrew and so much more. So if you have an incompatible PS3 and been wanting to put custom firmware on it but can’t this is the next best thing to it.

To get everything up and running on your PS3 head over to and in the top left-hand corner, you’ll see the v3 HAN. Here’s a quick step by step video of it in action…

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