New PlayStation 4 compact & lightweight controller from Hori!!

Have you ever felt like the controller for the PlayStation 4 might be a little too big for your hands? Perhaps you may have a younger sibling or maybe your kids who want to join in for some couch co-op but the controller is a too large for them? Or maybe you yourself just have small hands? Well, with Hori’s new line of controllers, soon you won’t have to worry about that. Introducing the new controller from Hori, the new Wired Controller Light!HoriHori’s new Wired Controller Lights are compact, lightweight alternatives for gamers with hands that are slightly smaller than average which would make them ideal for female and younger players. The touchpads have been replaced with buttons for easier handling and the shoulder bummers and triggers buttons have also been slightly redesigned. The USB cable is three-meters-long and these controllers are perfect for the little ones in the family or for a gaming party.

Do keep in mind, due to their design they will not come with the headphone/microphone headset jack, light bar, vibrate function, or motion controls. As such, some PlayStation®4 software may not be fully compatible with this controller.

The Wired Controller Light will be available in pure white and there will be a special Dragon Quest Slime edition! So if you want the controller with a bit more color or you’re just a huge fan of Dragon Quest and it’s Slimes this is the controller for you!
Both editions are now available for pre-order at Play-Asia and are planned for release this month. You can also use coupon code informer to save a few bucks.

Hori Wired Controller Light for PlayStation 4 [Dragon Quest Slime Edition] (Blue)(PlayStation 4™, Playstation 4™ Pro, JPN) US$ 32.99 pre
Hori Wired Controller for PlayStation 4 (White) (PlayStation 4™, Playstation 4™ Pro, JPN) US$ 29.99 pre

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