PSTV USB slot on boot plugin released for Ensō

With all the awesome work that has been done with Enso so far and all of the SD2Vita cards starting to roll out it seems that this just won’t slow down anytime soon. Now we get a nice easy way to mount our USB slot as the memory card on boot for the PSTV and ENSO. Thanks to the hard work of yifanlu he brings us the usbmc plugin!

For people like myself that seem to have a slow USB, this will even work for them and anyone using a USB hub as well.

To start with you will need to have Enso installed, and use vita shell to mount your USB as ux0. (This will copy the files on to your USB)

Then you should move ux0:tai/config.txt from your original memory card to ur0:tai/config.txt

If you are using a PSTV or a PS Vita Slim you will also need to delete the imc0:tai/config.txt if one exists. (you can do this by mounting imc0 with vita shell)

Lastly, modify the ur0:tai/config.txt and add ur0:tai/usbmc.skprx under the line that says *KERNEL.

You will always use this file to install plugins from now on. Also copy usbmc.skprx to ur0:tai with vitashell. Once you have done that, shut down your system and reboot into your newly set up USB storage.

Download: usbmc_installer.vpk

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.


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  1. Can someone explain what this is for in English

  2. Question: where can I get one of those stands. =)

  3. Great! My PSTV is now able to boot up without having to remove and insert back the USB drive. thanks yifanlu!

  4. Any chance somebody can do a video tutorial and upload it somewhere? I’m trying to make my pstv easy to use for my kids and this would help immensely. Thank you devs, without you we’d be wishing for these tools like waiting for the tooth fairy.

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