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Day one at EVO2017

Wow, this year EVO is on top of their game unlike last year this EVO has plenty of sales booths, mini events, and Developers show casing their latest games they are working on. They even had a whole section of tables with staff just to help anyone with questions.

The big thing at EVO2017 was Dragonballz Fighter as soon as the doors open everyone flooded that booth and was packed for hours it seemed.

They held a mini tournament which didn’t leave but two stations to play at, which those lines were crazy too. From what I saw and got to play of DBZ fighter it seems to be a good solid fighter but could use a little more but its still a beta.

Pokkén Tournament DX for the Switch was my next stop to check out. If you played the Wii U version there really isn’t any big differences that I can notice Graphics look about the same and game-speed is the same or better.

The only difference is that it will be getting 5 additional characters that the Wii U version doesn’t have and probably some DLCs planned for the Switch Pokken DX.

I asked if they had any plans for the Wii U version working with the Switch version online but since the Wii U version will be missing these five extra Pokemon it doesn’t seem fair and they don’t know if they would do any add-ons for the Wii U. Pokken DX was really nice on the Switch and was quite impressed how it ran.

My next stop was to find that newly-released Dreamcast game Breakers from VideoGamesNewYork. Wow, their Booth was amazing they had a lot of retro consoles, all kinds of them and so many different things you could purchase at a fair price.

Of course you know I picked up that Dreamcast game because that’s one of my favorite consoles and there hasn’t been a fighting game released in a long long time.

So thanks VideoGamesNewYork for this awesome Dreamcast release. I’ll have to make a whole other post about this game.

After that, I checked out the Hori booth, lo and behold they had the Horipad for the Nintendo switch with the removeable d-pad.

This controller is going to be your best alternative to the Pro Controller the only thing is it’s going to be USB wired. The Horipad for the Switch handles great and couldn’t get enough of it. They got my pre order 🙂 as that pop on pop off d-pad is very responsive.

Hori also has a Switch fighting stick and HDMI portable display with built in speakers that are coming soon too.

Tomorrow I’ll start checking out the Indie Booth section and see what kind games they are working on.

Now on to the tournaments, everything was very well organized this time.

I didn’t hear any of the players complain about not knowing what place they were in or who was going next. Unlike EVO2016 this EVO was very organized, I didn’t hear any of the players complaining like last year. This year they were on top of their game just like EVO should be.

The stations were players advanced in ranking we’re very well spaced with plenty of room. So you could watch your favorite player live and advance in ranking if you’re at EVO.

Here’s what the tournament pool looks like for Street Fighter 5 when you are advancing through the stations.

 Picture from @prototypeoflife

You can check out the Pools for each game at smash.gg/tournament/evo-2017

I got to say I’m really impressed with this year’s EVO and with all the people in the venue it didn’t feel cramp which was a really nice change compared to last year.

I can’t wait for day 2 as there was some much I missed like the new Gundam Versus game and a few others. So stay tune for day 2 post of EVO2017.

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